Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Overseas trading...

No, I'm not dabbling in the Nikkei index. I received another package from jackplumstead over at the Pursuit of 80's(ness), mere days after he received one from me.... Planning ahead, he was...

But I notice something different about the envelope. It's in shambles... held together in bright yellow tape. I remember John posting on his blog, questioning whether he packaged his stuff well enough or not... maybe this was what he was concerned about.

Upon further inspection, I see that someone else has opened it. My friendly Canadian Customs. And look... they not only opened the envelope, but the cards inside too.... we are busy trying to fight off a coup by an illegal coalition government, and they have nothing better to do than peek at some baseball cards. Awesome.

John!!! The '53 Topps Eddie Matthews and the '54 Hank Aaron rookie are missing!!! File a claim! Take them to court! Robbing bastards!

Moving on....
Four packs of Match Attax! Many more trades, and I'll have a set of these suckers...
Tim Hudson Jersey! Sweet!
this just in... Frank Wren has traded Tim Hudson to Texas for 10 Maple bats.
Knucksie! and a rather svelt looking Bobby....
My man Adam! and a young Bob Horner... what could have been....

and of course, your next Hall of Famer... Dale Murphy.

Why is he not in the Hall? Will someone, anyone, give me a rational explanation? Bueller?
This just in... Frank Wren has offered any 4 of the following 6 players to Kansas City for Octavio Dotel.

Also included were:
2006 Bowman Heritage Adam Coe
2007 Goudey Mini Green Back Andruw Jones
2007 Topps Own the Game Andruw Jones
2000 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory Andruw Jones
1981 Topps Jeff Burroughs
1986 Topps Rafael Ramirez
1984 Topps Ken Dayley
1985 Fleer Chris Chambliss
1985 Fleer Jeff Dedmon
Thanks a lot John!!!! I've got one for you going out shortly...


White Sox Cards said...

Considering that Octavio Dotel has been with the White Sox for all of 2008, I'd say Kansas City made off like a bandit! :)

John always puts together nice packages.

zman40 said...

I wish we could have gotten McCann for Dotel. Hopefully Davies will get it figured out this year (all year, not just September).