Monday, December 29, 2008

It still grinds my gears...

so if you read my last post on the start of my 2006 Flair Showcase Football box break, you know my rant. If you didn't read it... scroll down... hurry up. We'll wait ............................................... back? Good. On with the break. Did the hits get better? (I'll cover the base cards in another post... I still have another box of these to bust)
Mike Haas - Luxury Suite Rookie 625/699
Mike has never played in an NFL game. Awesome.
Reggie McNeal - Club Level Rookie 246/499
Reggie was a college QB drafted as a WR in the 6th round. He has played a grand total of one down in the NFL. A run for 8 yards. After some trouble with the law, Reggie is now a back up WR with the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL.
Mark Bulger - Sideline Pass 39/75
a solid QB....
Carson Palmer - Sideline Pass 627/999
another solid QB, but 999???

This brings us to the second promised auto.
Martin Nance WR. Perfect.
You should be worried when you see the hit of the player you've never heard of, and he's in one uniform, but the card lists him with another...... it gets better.. he's actually with another team right now. Practice squad with Pittsburgh.
Career totals - 1 game. 4 catches. 33 yards. Super.

Now the jersey cards.

Michael Huff Raiders

Ronnie Brown - Dolphins

Sweet! Two pretty good pulls here. The cards are awesome looking in person. These are what jersey cards should be. Bold colours. Good photo of the player. Proper placement of the swatch. The teal of the Brown card sparkles in person. Nice black on the Raider card too... Keep your damn useless FA rookie never has been wannabe autos....

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