Saturday, January 17, 2009

Football Playooffs! Let's Open a Pack!

I've never heard of these cards before, but it was in a repack box I bought awhile back.
3 cards for $1.99? They better be good. Maybe we'll see someone who's in the games tomorrow...
Michael Robinson QB - Penn State (Michael is now the starting Fullback for the San Francisco 49'ers. How many former college QB's do you know who become NFL fullbacks??)

Leon Washington - RB Florida State (Leon is doing quite well as a RB / Kick Returner for the New York Jets.)

D.J. Shockley - QB Georgia (after recovering from a horrendous knee injury in 2007, D.J. won the 3rd string QB with the Atlanta Falcons on 2008 beating out Joey Harrington.)
These cards are horrible. Blurry photos, and newspaper quality backs. $1.99 for this? I woulda been choked.
I probably can't even trade these away... who's gonna want a former Bulldog QB who plays for the Falcons????
And.... no hint as to who is going to win tomorrow.

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