Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who the hell....

Who the hell is Jim Powell? And how do we use him to replace Chip Carey?
Reports today that the Braves have stolen free agent broadcaster Jim Powell away from the Brewers and Bob Uecker. The Braves are trying to pair him with longtime Braves announcer Don Sutton, but are having trouble securing him from the Nationals.
Question #1: Why the hell did the Braves let him leave in the first place??????
Question #2: What do you think Uecker would say to Chip Carey after about 7 innings of his inane ramblings?

Nobody could ever replace Skip Carey and Pete Van Wieren... but Joe Simpson and Don Sutton are enjoyable to listen to. Somebody tell Chip to shut the hell up. He's no Skip.

And how the heck can I get the Braves on radio here in Calgary? Any of these stations broadcasting on the internet???


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's open to Canadian residents, but's Gameday Audio offers all of the MLB radio broadcasts.

dayf said...

I asked Thorzul about Powell and he said he's very good. Smooth play by play guy who went to UGA and worked well with Ueck. If I find a clip of him I'll e-mail it to you.

Sutton was let go because of TBS stupidity. One of the last "F#$% You's" from AOL Time Warner before they transferred their corporate holding to another media conglomerate. I hope we can get him back.

I agree on Chip Carey. He's part of the new wave of boring bland corporate broadcasters too scared of the suits to allow himself to be interesting. Damn I miss Harry and Skip.

night owl said...

My Chip Caray story:

Quite some time ago I was watching him do a game and they had a trivia question. It was around the time when Roger Clemens was winning a bunch of Cy Youngs. The question: "Who was the last Red Sox pitcher to win the Cy Young Award before Clemens?"

The answer was Jim Lonborg. But Chip in his genius said, "Well, I would have to think it would be Cy Young."

Baseball began presenting the Cy Young Award, of course, the year after Cy Young died.

I've hated Chip Caray's broadcasting ever since.

RoofGod said...

Due to MLB rules the local tems radio broadcasts cannot be streamed over the internet so the only way you could stream the game is through I know it sucks but add it to the list of thing we can hate on Selig for.