Thursday, June 25, 2009

All Star votes...

I'm getting further and further behind in my posts.... so rather than catch up, I thought I'd annoy a few people first.

What the hell are people thinking with their "All Star" votes? I know this a fan friendly event (notice I didn't say game) but really people.

Yadier Molina????????? Holy crap.

David Wright? He's not even the best 3rd baseman in his division, let alone league...

Alfonso Soriano?????

Jimmy Rollins????

Josh Hamilton??? At least Josh is an All Star, but being injured should have removed him from contention long ago.

Apparently there are 1.7 million mentally handicapped people running around in Yadier Molina jerseys with crumpled all star ballots in one fist and broken crayons in the other. Who knew his mom knew so many "special" people?

Donald Fehr is gone, when can we get rid of Selig and just START THE HELL OVER?


gcrl said...

it really looks like st louis, as host, is pushing their guys pretty hard. i can't complain too much - the dodgers did the same thing for the 1980 game. i was a big bill russell fan, but garry templeton or ozzie or someone else was probably more deserving back then.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

I don't know when the last time I watched one of these was.

I wonder how much the WWL's love for certain players (like Molina) has to do with it at this point? You find that pops up all the time in Fantasy Baseball, eg "No way, JJ Putz is having an historic year, no way he's worth (something 5x more than Putz is reasonably worth)." I'm sure there are similar things with the voting as well.