Friday, June 19, 2009

the pack bust winner!

thanks to turncoat dayf, the winner of the pack bust is none other than Pacific's 1988 release of Eight Men Out. It's a 110 card set that can be found on ebay for around $5.

the cards consist of a mixture of vintage photos and movie stills.

the usual nonsport corny lines on the front

I'm embarrassed to say I've never seen this movie....

because I've never been a fan of D.B. Sweeney
can't fault Dickie Kerr... 2-0 with a 1.42 ERA in the Series...
card backs are the usual monochrome '80's look with a blurb about the movie, or stats of the player
ah... when reporters were reporters... and NOT journalists. Those were the days. Just the facts ma'am.
the Grand High Almighty Dictator himself
not a bad little set. Especially for 1988. The photos are really sharp and crisp.
Now I have to go and download the movie....


dayf said...

Studs Turkel card!!!!!

Plus the Christopher Lloyd and Richard Edson all time great character actors card. Sweet.

I'm glad I turned fink on the Ghostbusters now.

AND WATCH THIS MOVIE. It is the awesome.

Tunguska said...

Agreed dayf, this is my absolute favorite baseball movie. I was unaware of this set but now I think I will have to track it down. If anyone has any leads on boxes or packs let me know, please.

Core Contrarian said...

Another thumbs up on the movie.

Watcha waitin for?

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Very nice. And I really like the Shoeless Joe where he's talking to his bat. Really too bad Black Betsy ended up in a wood chipper to make good on UD promotions. (LOL)