Friday, June 26, 2009

who ya gonna call?

That's right. Ghostbusters. uh.... 2. In the spirit of Slap Shot 2, Caddyshack 2, and Highlander 2, Topps brings you Ghostbusters 2. All of them should NEVER have been made.

Harold, what is with the hair?

these cards are grainy and out of focus. Good job Topps.

that hair you see on the scan around Harold Ramis' face, is not on the scanner, but rather in the picture itself. Nice.
oohh! This is the ultra rare one per case sideways variant all the kids were after back in the day....
and the one per pack sticker insert
There you have it. 1989 Topps Ghostbusters 2.

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White Sox Cards said...

Compared to the other sequels you mentioned, this one eclipses all of them. I think this movie and UHF probably would have done a lot better had it not been for the slew of summer blockbusters in 1989. Indiana Jones 3, Batman, Back To The Future 2, Lethal Weapon 2 and many others were released that summer. Still, Ghostbusters 2 still was the eighth worldwide top grossing film of '89.