Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What is wrong with people?

It's time to bring it back.... I've tried to be nice lately, I know from the emails I receive that a lot of kids read this little blog, but no more. I can no longer be silent...... It's time again for;
What Really Grinds My Gears.

What state is the hobby in these days? A shambles. An absolute shambles. People are spending $65,000 on a fake card, commons are actually selling on ebay for $1, patches and autos are being counterfeited faster than the real manufacturers can produce them.... what the hell???
How many people have fought long and hard against Beckett and their "imaginative" price guide, instead turning to places like ebay for "realtime" values?
Now, with ebay's greed and stupidity, you can't buy a card for less than a dollar. Yes, I know you can via auction format, but really, who's going to auction a 1987 Topps Len Matuszek?
What does this do to a value of a card??? You can't honestly expect me to believe that commons are now worth a dollar? So now, Beckett is closer to reality?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Let me ask you another question... all of you know what a Braves nut I am, so naturally it's centered around a Braves card.
At your local shop, or at a card show near you, what would a 1975 Phil Niekro in really nice shape go for? How about a Braves team set from that year? (29 cards) Honestly, I want to know. $4 for Phil? $10 for the set? More? Less?
Here's what I got on ebay...

a 1975 Topps Braves team set for .99 cents. (Auction link)

Does this mean that a '75 Niekro is worth .04 cents? An entire team for less than a dollar? Again, is Beckett closer to reality here? No. I don't think so either.... but where do we draw the line? Where do we find honest, true values for our cards? Does anyone have an answer?

and by the way people... shame on you for letting beautiful cards like this go for .99 cents. Forget this year's Goudey and Bowman... it'll still be there later. Promise.


deal said...

well in reality the cards went for 4.50 including shipping right??? which means Niekro is worth about 3 bucks and the rest of the team is going for 1.50 or so. Thats still a pretty good deal.

Anonymous said...

It's very simple - your cards are worth whatever somebody is willing to pay you for them.

And please don't forget to factor shipping charges into your eBay prices. I doubt that you really got that 1975 Braves team set for 99 cents delivered.

Captain Canuck said...

shipping is always a factor. Card shops add in shipping to their prices as well. you just don't see it seperated.

MattR said...

Congrats on getting the team set for such a low price.