Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my humblest apologies...

it finally happened. I'm ashamed to say that after blogging for almost 8 months, I have completely lost track of a trade.
today I received this beauty in the mail....
But I don't remember asking for it in a trade, or being told it was coming. Okay, no big deal. Gifts are exchanged between friends. I, myself, usually go this route. I send stuff out, and if you'd like to send something back, great. Sometimes if I'm really after something, I'll trade to make sure I get it. But gifts are usually the way.
Who's this gift from? Wait, I don't recognize the address or name. I've searched my address book, combed through emails, frantically went back through comments left on the ole blog. Nothing.
I am the lowest of the low.
So D. Wright of Brantford Ontario, please, please forgive me, and accept my utmost thanks for such an amazing card.
And please shoot me an email so I can remember where I know you from.

EDIT: none other than my bud Tunguska from a Long Fly Ball to Because... I thought it might be you, but I had no idea this was coming. Thanks Dave!!!!

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Tunguska said...

I'm surprised the envelope got there before the box. I should have added an explaination to the envelope just in case.
Anyway, enjoy!!!