Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Card Show Pick Ups - Part Two

On to some of the purchases I made. Factory sets. I know, I know, a set builder buying factory sets. Complete. In a box. No packs. No trading. Blasphemy!
Well, I couldn't help myself. Early '92 was when I had stopped collecting. I'd had enough. I closed my shop and walked (ran?) away from the hobby. For 15 years.
As a result, I never finished my '91 OPC hockey set... and of course never started my '92 set.

And at $10 for the pair, I couldn't resist. He wanted $15, I offered $10, and he accepted. We chatted a bit, he remarked about how great these were for the kids and somone was going to be very happy when I got home. Uh.... kids? Yeah. Yeah, these are for the kids... yeah.... gotta go now....

These of course will not stay as factory sets for long. They'll end up in binders alongside the rest of my OPC sets.

Now one area of the show that I was most unhappy with was wax. It seems like very few dealers wanted to bring any, and those that did got together the night before to discuss pricing. When every dealer has the same price, I call B.S.
Not only that, but the prices weren't show prices either. They were full retail. And if I'm going to pay full retail on wax, it ain't going to be from anybody at a show. I'll buy from my local card shop. Makes sense, yes?

As it happened, my LCS was there, and while I didn't spend too much time looking at his stuff (that's what his store is for) I of course spent a little $$$ at his table.
I grabbed one of these for $20.

Can anybody guess what it is???

Settle down, there's no contest here, move along.... It's a box of 99/00 McDonalds hockey packs. 100 of 'em.

Should be an interesting break. Next up, part three or part last, the singles......


Anonymous said...

I actually knew that one. I've got half a box of those left myself, and I tore them at my leisure until I completed the set.

Lucky me, I pulled an Yzerman auto redemtion some seven years after it expired. That was a real punch in the gut.

Enjoy the packs

dogfacedgremlin said...

I first thought that was some kind of vendor box.

The shows I have been too lately (with one exception) have been like that too. Too few wax products and they are all the same prices. Same goes for supplies now that I think about it.

I wish they made the McDonald's cards available in the U.S. I also wish the Trading Card Day cards were available in the U.S. I also wish I had an infinite Paypal account so that I could purchase these without having to move to a new country to get them.

Sal said...

If you end up with an extra set of 1999/2000 McDonald's that you'd like to trade, I'd be interested.