Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nocturnal interchange

a little while ago, I received packages from my two favourite Dodger collectors. One was a bipping that I still refuse to post. In fact, the cards are still in a pile in the furthest corner under my desk. The other, was from my good friend Night Owl. We will focus on his kindness today. And save the other for another.

First up, a mini card of Dale Murphy. Same size as a '75 mini.
next, a black border Kenshin from the '09 OPC set... which I've almost completed.
and a card of a pitcher that 29 other teams would love to have on their staff. I wonder how long before he replaces someone in the Braves rotation?
and I wonder when he'll learn how to wear a hat?

a shiny refractor of Jordan Schafer....
and the Ace of the staff. (see what I did there?)
a psychadelic Earl Williams.
Earl is so badass, he's about to take his All Star Rookie Trophy yard. It also looks like a submarine just surfaced behind him.
Now Greg knows I've been working on the '76 set for awhile now. He sent over a couple of gently loved cards for the cause.
I wonder if little Greg collected these way back when?
and a complete surprise, but one most welcome. Out of the '09 OPC baseball set, an insert set falling one per box.
I'm down to needing one for this set after the addition of young Henrik here. I love these cards.
I remember Greg posting this card for any takers, and I remember asking for it. But what I do not remember is the reason I really wanted it. There was one. But I can't remember.
Oh well, a card of the Expos broadcaster is always welcome.
These are some of my favourites from the stack I received. Thanks Mr Owl! A package was sent on it's way to you a few days ago. It was mostly '89 Topps. I hope that's okay. heh..........

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night owl said...

Sure '89s are OK. I can build a bonfire that you might be able to see in Calgary.

I meant to include a note that I sent those '76 wants as space-fillers. If I ever come across nicer versions I'll send them.