Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Card Show Pickups - OPC style

at every show, there's a guy. You know the one. He's got singles. At a fair price. And they're discounted even further. And the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Remember him? Yeah, he was there. Saved the show for me. Not a game used patch card in sight. No autographed jock straps. Just old singles. Mostly hockey, but in a box, off to the side, was baseball.
Inside I found some '71 OPC.
I bought them all.

First up, a stack of 44 cards, he called them "fillers". Total cost - $4. Did I mention it included 8 high numbers???
Next, some really nice looking cards. Two team cards. (my scanner ate one of the borders, but it's there)
Buford and Bench!
Rookie Stars!!! (Who?)
an unmarked checklist, no creases, just the famous chipping on the left side.
and a Home Run Leaders card, featuring the Natioal League.
all six of those cards for $12
Out of the 50 cards I bought, only two ended up being duplicates. So I'm happy there. And of the "fillers", I'm happy with the quality of 25 of them, so that doesn't leave too many to be upgraded when/IF I ever get this set done.


deal said...

As a veteran of dime bins, that is a Hall of Fame catch!

dayf said...

A find like that will save a card show every time.

gcrl said...

wowza. i'm hoping that sutton is a dupe...

night owl said...

See? I told you'd like it.

dogfacedgremlin said...

The dreaded curse of the black border...chipping. Still not bad for how old they are.

Play at the Plate said...

Nice going! I need to get to a show so I can make one of these awesome posts.