Thursday, May 27, 2010

not TTM, Through the Troll ( TTT )

I had the pleasure of chatting (albeit too briefly) with my buddy Marck, The Collective Troll yesterday. Aside from the usual pleasantries, the main body of the conversation came down to the fact that we both are terrible bloggers.
We are both sooooooooo far behind in posting trades we've received from other collectors. In fact, the area of my "U" shaped desk that stores the piles of "waiting to be scanned" cards is in danger of collapsing.
So I'm going to knock off an easy one. And cheat while I'm at it. You see awhile back, Troll had a contest to win a Chipper Jones signed 4x6 photo. The first 10 entries would contend for the prize. I was the first one to enter. And the second, the third, the fourth...... are you getting where I'm going with this?
Anyways, public outcry and Troll's sense of fair play won out, and I was disqualified for all but one entry.
So I put in a call to my buddy at and voila!
I won! With only one entry.

But that's not what I was talking about when I said I'm going to cheat while I'm at it. Of course, Troll sent along more than just the pic.... he sent over some glorious '80's football, as well as a smattering of Braves.

They are still in that pile. Near the bottom. Shall we say, the foundation of my mail days posts.

Thanks Marck!!!

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Collective Troll said...

I like the way that TTT sounds...
I am glad that I am not alone in being completely buried in awesome cards that I don't have time to post... Also glad that Chipper crossed the border okay. Cheers Captain!