Thursday, May 27, 2010

Super Waxaholic Playoff Contest Update....

The semi finals are done. Onto the Stanley Cup Finals! Congrats to Chicago and Philadelphia.

Here's an update on the Playoff Contest Standings. All results are unofficial until the final bribe has been counted.

Sal - 104 pts
Roy - 102 pts
Play at the Plate - 95 pts
dayf - 90 pts
Justin G - 86 pts
DFG - 85 pts
Dan - 75 pts
Jeremy - 72 pts
cynicalbudha - 72 pts
shane diaz - 69 pts
1st and Goal - 67 pts
madding - 65 pts
gcrl - 63 pts
Night Owl - 63 pts
BA Benny - 56 pts
roofgod - 55 pts
dr Steven Ibottson - 55 pts
dwfbuck2 - 53 pts
Wax Wombat - 50 pts

Good luck in the Finals! Some of you are going to need it.


Sal said...

Who's number one?

Oh, :)

Anonymous said...


Roy said...

At first glance, this looks great foe me. But I'm pretty sure I didn't select Chicago OR Killadelphia...what it is, man, what it is.

dogfacedgremlin said...

I didn't have either of them so I have no chance.

Justin G. said...

sweet jesus montero I'm not last. I'm not last! I'm not last!