Monday, May 17, 2010

Card Show Pickups, Part One - the swag

So as you all know I went to the Super Bossa Calgary Sports Fan Fest Extravaganza yesterday. I had asked in an earlier post some thoughts as to what I might find. Thanks for all of your support, however it is painfully obvious that not many of you have ever gone to a card show in Canada. (Canada, not toronto)

There were no oddballs (except for a couple of the dealers) no quarter boxes, no dime boxes. There was virtually no football, except for the Calgary Stampeders booth, but if you've ever watched them, you'd understand, there was no football. There was almost no baseball. At all. More on that in post Part Three.

It was hockey, hockey, hockey. And a lot of dealers had large stacks of autographs. But I didn't bite. If I want fake autos, I'll get them off of ebay like everyone else.

But first, we start off with the free swag promised us. On the show sell sheet, it states that Sunday is
"Collector Appreciation Day! Each paid admission will receive one of our famous "Bossa Super Bags!" with Upper Deck hockey packs, rare hockey cards, autographed memorabillia, and more!"

Okay, let's take a look at what $16 paid admission ($8 each as my wife came with me...) gets. Here are the rare hockey cards.

some 2010 cards called Biography of a Season, and three Sportflic type 2006 cards, all of Crosby/Ovechkin.

No packs. None.

In one bag there was a 1/32 scale Diecast Vancouver Canucks Zamboni. Lame. So lame, no photo for you.

In the other bag was an autographed picture of Doug Gilmour.

Not bad. Can't complain about that. But not exactly what the show sell sheet was promising.

Meh.... no big deal. Next post, the purchases....


dogfacedgremlin said...

What's with the floating head being used as a puck in the Gilmour picture?

night owl said...

Gilmour's pretty popular around here as he's a Kingston boy, which is practically just over the bridge.

Took me awhile to get used to him. Played long time as a Leaf and a Devil. That's never good. Then he went to my team. Ack!

reoddai said...

Perhaps it was your show that was the odity. The most recent show I went to was a local show in a city of less than 150K in Ontario (not Toronto - actually 3+ hrs away). Had less than 15 vendors.

Oddballs: 4 dealers had them. One specialized in just oddballs

Mixed boxes: 3 dealers had them.

BB - 1 dealer had some baseball, but its a tiny town.

Packs / Boxes - 4 sellers carried packs and I think one had "grab bag" packs.

This is a fairly typical breakdown of the shows I've been to in ON, NS and QC.

As for this comment...
"it is painfully obvious that not many of you have ever gone to a card show in Canada. (Canada, not toronto)"

This is really rich coming from someone who was asking advice on what to expect because they've never been to one before. How can you be sure that your show was not atypical?

thehamiltonian said...

I have never seen a quarter or dome box at a show. Lowest I have ever seen was $1. At some point its just not worth lugging those boxes around.

However, if you are looking for a home for that Kessel, I could find one.

Captain Canuck said...

DFG... I have no idea...

Owl... yeah, he snuck onto my team for two years as well...

reoddai - sounds awesome, wish shows were like that here. and what I was referring to was an organized travelling show put on by a company. Turns out it was like every other show in Calgary that I've been to, no different.

hamiltonian - funny, that Kessel went from the scanner bed into your pile automatically...