Monday, May 3, 2010

TTM Success! Murray Bannerman!

Some, if not most of you probably read that headline and said; "Who?" Murray Bannerman! Former goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks (very briefly), but better known as goalie for the Chicago Black Hawks in the mid '80's. Also, the proud owner of the mask. You know the one.
Oh yeah. Murray's backup goalie at the time was some dude named Tony Esposito. Maybe you've heard of him. Murray made two All Star games in his career... pretty good considering the pressure of replacing a living legend in Esposito.

Mr Bannerman signed my 8x10 and one card that I sent him.
Thanks Mr Bannerman!


Wrigley Wax said...

Congrats on the auto. Murray Bannerman was great, and so too was Hawks announcer Pat Foley's call when Bannernan made a save, "B-a-a-a-ner-man!!!! Listen here

shanediaz82 said...

Very nice!

Paul said...

It's nice to see another great looking signature, unlike most of the guys in the league right now.

By the way, Bannerman has one of the cooler masks from back in the day.

bamlinden said...

One of my favorite goalie masks of all time.

Great signature!


loved Murray Bannerman