Friday, May 21, 2010

Like Lemmings to a flame....

You knew I had to pick up some hockey while I was at the show... it's like a rule or something. Like Lemmings to a flame, or moths leaping off of a cliff, I buy vintage hockey.

I've been looking for a good copy of this card for awhile now to send off ttm for an auto. Phil and Dan Bouchard were the original Atlanta Flames. I sent off for Dan's auto last week, Phill will go next week.
A nice '73of Canadian Hero Paul Henderson for .50 cents. If you find cards of Paul for under a buck, YOU MUST BUY THEM. It's in our constitution.
You guys have that guy who warned you about the British coming, we have Paul Henderson. Both saved their nations from oblivion.
Paul is currently battling cancer... I feel sorry for the cancer. Go Paul!
Of course I picked up a card of the Road Runner.
Yvan is one of my faves from my childhood.
And a card of one of the Mahovlich brothers. This one is of the Peter the younger.
and of course what would that be without Frank the Elder?
Next, a couple of Rookie cards. First, Michel Plasse. Michel played for several teams in his career, but is most famous for his time in Colorado, playing for the Rockies.
Don Cherry, former coach of the Bruins and Rockies always has this to say about Michel whenever he sees a picture or "highlight" of him on TV.
"There's ole Michel Plasse, the Human Sieve."
I was sad to find out this week that Michel passed away in 2006.
Speaking of Don Cherry, the other RC I bought was of one of his two main goalies during his time with the Bruins.
Gilles Gilbert.
People often think that Gerry Cheevers was Don's main goalie, but it was actually Gilles. Four division championships in 5 seasons. Bounced out of the playoffs by Montreal every time.
Lastly, and completely random, Ed Giacomin, the Rangers All Time greatest goalie.
8 cards from '73/74 for $12. I'm a sucker.... but a happy one.


dogfacedgremlin said...

All great cards. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I love that set and got a good deal on a lot of them a while back. If I can ever afford to buy cardboard again, that should be one of the first sets I chase,

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Love that hockey set. We were lucky - the Topps version came in 4 colors while the OPC had only the red and green veriosn.

But OPC did have more players ... and I need a few more Canadiens including Michel Palese.

A cool mix of portraits and actions shots.