Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Best Time of the Year! Draft time!!!

It's time! One of the most revered days in all of sports. It's time for the NFL draft. It's now a primetime event so no one has to take the day off from work anymore.
And I just know you've been eagerly waiting for Waxaholic's Mock Draft 2.0

But this year I have a special treat. Not just my take, but a second opinion (probably wrong) from my pal, reader Jamie. Now Jamie is a Pats fan. So you know he's a little skewed to begin with. But it should be fun.
1QBAndrew LuckStanfordJr.6-4235
The best college QB gets drafted to replace the best NFL QB. No pressure kid. Hopefully Irsay and the fans give you the time to mature and become successful.
Could Surprise: No one. This pick is a lock.

Jamie's Pick : Andrew Luck QB Stanford
2QBRobert Griffin IIIBaylorJr.6-2220
(Trade with St. Louis). Another no-brainer. Can he succeed where so many others have failed before him?
Could Surprise : This is like taxes. Inevitable.

Jamie's Pick : RG3 QB Baylor  (I'm surprised Jamie doesn't have an RG3 jersey already actually.)
3OTMatt KalilUSCJr.6-7295
Minnesota has been begging to trade down from #3. I say no one is dumb enough to bite and the Vikes take the best lineman in the draft to protect Ponder/whoever for the next 10 years.
Could Surprise : someone may be dumb enough to trade up, but don't count on it.

Jamie's Pick : Matt Kalil OT
4WRJustin BlackmonOklahoma StateJr.6-1215
I know the world thinks the Browns will take Richardson here. Here's my take. They saw what AJ Green did for Cincinnati last season. And with the devaluation of the running game in the NFL, they know that with their second first round pick at #22, they can get another back.
Could Surprise : They don't  overthink it and take Richardson.

Jamie's Pick : Trent Richardson RB Alabama  (one of us will be right)
5RBTrent RichardsonAlabamaJr.5-11224
Tampa sprints to the podium to take Richardson. Behind that big offensive line, Trent will be R.O.Y.
Could Surprise : Morris Claiborne CB - with Ronde Barber retiring soon, they need another Ronde.

Jamie's Pick : Morris Claiborne CB LSU
6CBMorris ClaiborneLSUJr.6-0185
(Trade with Washington) The Rams resign themselves to taking the best player available after watching Blackmon and Richarddson fall.
Could Surprise : St Louis trades down to add more picks.

Jamie's Pick : Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State
7DE/OLBMelvin IngramSouth CarolinaSr.6-2276
Every team needs to get more pressure on the quarterback, and the Jaguars add the top rushing backer in the draft. Now to fix the other 21 starting spots.
Could Surprise : Fletcher Cox DT

Jamie's Pick : Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State
8QBRyan TannehillTexas A&MSr.6-4222
Minnesota and St Louis have been tempting Miami for weeks now, trying to get them to trade up. Miami needs to be smart and stand pat, as Tannehill will fall to them at #8.
Could Surprise: The riots in South Beach if they don't take Tannehill.

Jamie's Pick : Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
9DTFletcher CoxMississippi StateJr.6-4295
Carolina fills a big need here. He can play inside or outside. The Panthers may need him to do both. At the same time.
Could Surprise : Stephen Gilmore CB

Jamie's Pick : Stephen Gilmore CB South Carolina  ( I think Jamie has seen my 'could surprise' list)
10WRMichael FloydNotre DameSr.6-3224
I know the safe pick here is O-line. But the Bills are actually close to being a winning team. So they need to think big. Adding an outside weapon like Floyd is it.
Could Surprise : Riley Reiff OT

Jamie's Pick : Mark Barron S  Alabama
11LBLuke KuechlyBoston CollegeJr.6-3237
This pick makes so much sense, it's sick. The best true backer in the draft. His engine never shuts off and he can play 3 down football. Here Peyton Peyton Peyton.......
Could Surprise : David DeCastro OG

Jamie's Pick : David DeCastro OG Stanford  (see?)
12DEQuinton CoplesNorth CarolinaSr.6-6285
The Seahawks need D-line and linebackers. So why not take someone who will put his hand in the dirt and go get the quarterback.
Could Surprise : Michael Brockers DT

Jamie's Pick : Melvin Ingram DE/OLB South Carolina
13OTRiley ReiffIowaJr.6-6300
Arizona needs O-line and receiving help. Reiff not only adds size, but a meanness to the line. However, if Buffalo at 10 passes on Floyd......
Could Surprise : Michael Floyd WR

Jamie's Pick : Riley Reiff OT
14SMark BarronAlabamaSr.6-2218
The Cowboys need DB help. Free agency helped at corner, but to solidify the backfield, this Nick Saban taught safety fits the bill.
Could Surprise : Stephen Gilmore CB

Jamie's Pick : Dontari Poe DT  Memphis
15CBStephen GilmoreSouth CarolinaSr.6-1193
They just unloaded Asante Samuel on Atlanta. And with Romo, Manning, and now RG3 in their division, they need a few cover corners.
Could Surprise : Dontari Poe DT

Jamie's Pick : Quinton Coples DE North Carolina
16DE/OLBCourtney UpshawAlabamaSr.6-2265
In Rex Ryan's 3-4 defence, Upshaw will be an outside backer. The Jets desperately need to improve their QB pressure to enhance their already talented corners.
Could Surprise : Dontari Poe DT

Jamie's Pick : Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
17OGDavid DeCastroStanfordSr.6-5310
(From Oakland). With the first of two picks, the Bengals will be thrilled to add the top Guard in the draft in DeCastro. They've got a keeper in Andy Dalton, time to protect him.
Could Surprise : Dre Kirkpatrick CB

Jamie's Pick : Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama  (quit peeking)
18DE/OLBWhitney MercilusIllinoisJr.6-4254
Their 3-4 defence needs help. And Mercilus is just what they need. You'll see a lot of teams in this division loading up on guys who can get to the quarterback. I'll call it, The Peyton Manning Effect.
Could Surprise: O-line help... maybe Jonathan Martin OT

Jamie's Pick : Chandler Jones DE Syracuse (I really thought about which DE the Chargers would take.... Mercilus or Jones. Now I'm starting to second guess myself.)
19DEChandler JonesSyracuseSr.6-5265
Considering Jay Cutler spent more time on his back last year than Lindsay Lohan, O-line should be where the Bears go. But a talent like Jones is too good to pass up at #19. Look for a lineman in the 2nd round.
Could Surprise : Reuben Randle WR

Jamie's Pick : Michael Brockers DT LSU
20WRStephen HillGeorgia TechJr.6-4215
They need to get Kenny Britt some help. Hill is that help.
Could Surprise : Dont'a Hightower LB

Jamie's Pick : Nick Perry DE/OLB  USC
21CBDre KirkpatrickAlabamaJr.6-3192
Cincy is thrilled to find Kirkpatrick still on the board. A perfect 1st round for the Bengals. Improved their offence and now their defence.
Could Surprise : the falling Dontari Poe or Michael Brockers DT

Jamie's Pick : Courtney Upshaw DE  Alabama
22RBDoug MartinBoise StateJr.5-9223
(From Atlanta). The Browns need a right tackle badly, but cannot resist leaving with both a new WR at #4 and a new RB at #22. Martin is a bit of a reach as he might still be there with the number 4 pick of round two. Unless they have other plans.....
Could Surprise : Mike Adams OT

Jamie's Pick : Kendall Wright WR Baylor
23OTMike AdamsOhio StateSr.6-7314
Rumours abound that Detroit is trying to trade down with Baltimore as the Ravens want Hightower. If that doesn't happen the Lions to do something, anything to protect Matt Stafford.
Could Surprise : Nick Perry DE

Jamie's Pick : Jonathan Martin OT  Stanford
24LBDont'a HightowerAlabamaJr.6-4269
The Steelers will be all smiles when they make this pick, if only to hear the screams of agony coming from Baltimore.
Could Surprise : Dontari Poe DT

Jamie's Pick : Dont'a Hightower LB Alabama
25DTMichael BrockersLSUSoph.6-6306
 Denver finds its replacement for the departed Brodrick Bunkley, who left for New Orleans via free agency. Once ranked in the top 15, Brockers falls to the Broncos.
Could Surprise : a toy for Peyton, Rueben Randle or Coby Fleener TE

Jamie's Pick : Kendall Reyes DT UConn (from waaaaaay out in left field)
26WRKendall WrightBaylorSr.5-10196
The Texans need help on O-line and at receiver. Local product Wright fits into their style of play, and will help open up Andre Johnson.
Could Surprise : Coby Fleener TE

Jamie's Pick : Rueben Randle WR LSU
27DTDontari PoeMemphisSr.6-5350
(From New Orleans). In the first of two picks, I'd love to see the Patriots go offense here. Maybe Fleener, the best TE in the draft. Or maybe a fullback. Just to watch Pats fans lose their freaking minds.
But, Belichek will take defence. And the falling Dontari Poe fits right in to what he's looking for. Once again, New England lives the charmed life.
Could Surprise : Shea McClellin DE/OLB

Jamie's Pick : Shea McClellin DE/OLB  Boise State
28DE/OLBShea McClellinBoise StateSr.6-3258
The Packers are in desperate need of defence, defence, defence. Someone to rush the QB from the opposite side of Clay Matthews would be perfect.
Could Surprise : Jerel Worthy DT

Jamie's Pick : Harrison Smith SS Notre Dame
29CPeter KonzWisconsinJr.6-5313
If the Ravens don't trade up to get Hightower, they'll settle for Matt Birk's replacement, Peter Konz. Peter may even start this year.
Could Surprise : like I said, look for them to trade up.

Jamie's Pick : Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech
30TECoby FleenerStanfordSr.6-6244
The NFL is a copycat league. And with Dallas, Indianapolis, New England, etc, runnning a two tight end offence, look for others to copy. Jim Harbaugh and the Niners will be one of them. With new wideouts Mnningham and Moss, Pro Bowler Vernon Davis and now Fleener, somewhere Alex Smith is smiling.
Could Surprise : Amini Silatolu OG

Jamie's Pick : Doug Martin RB Boise State
31SSHarrison SmithNotre DameSr.6-2213
Make no mistake, New England will trade either this pick or the previous one at #27. However, in the spirit of the draft, I will give them safety Harrison Smith. He's big, fast, and most importantly, smart. Belichek loves the intellectuals. He can put the instinctive rookie out there immediately.
Could Surprise : a trade out of the first round for more picks. I'm going to predict Cleveland will pop back in and take QB Brandon Wheeden from Oklahoma State.

Jamie's Pick : Belichek will trade this pick
32DE/OLBNick PerryUSCJr.6-3250
The Giants always take the best player available, regardless of need. While Tackle and TE are obvious needs, a talent like Perry will be too good to pass up.
Could Surprise : Jonathan Martin OT or Cordy Glenn OT/OG

Jamie's Pick : Coby Fleener TE Stanford

So there you have it. A double mock draft. And thanks to the "new and improved" blogger, it only took me two days to type out. I now hate blogger with a passion.

What do you think? Who's your team going to draft? Who's your rising star? Who's going to fall?

And please. Feel free to make fun of Jamie. It's fun! Try it!

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