Saturday, April 21, 2012

Opening Day Contest Pack War #6... finally

After a hard fought battle consisting of over 6 hours on Friday dedicated to conquering this blasted scanner with the aid of a foreign speaking Canon techie on speakerphone for 45 minutes, the scanner finally emerged victorious.I have no idea why it stopped working, and neither does Canon. The only thing we agree on is that Windows 7 had something to do with it, we just don't know what, and Microsoft won't tell us.

So I caved and borrowed my wife's "all in one" HP device from hell. These are a great invention. Instead of just doing one thing really well, it does several things crappily. And yes, crappily is now a word.

Let's now see if we can get this Opening Day contest over with before the All Star break.

Today's lucky contestants: MattF, bamlinden, (....Joe), and High-Five Man

Pack... what the hell pack number are we on?? 21??
Ben Revere - favourite team! +2 pts
Wandy Rodriguez - Would Wandy wike a win? 0 pts
Fat Bastard - for being a fat Yankee -2 pts
Mr Met - a mascot +2 pts a Met -1 pt Total 1 pt
Adam Wainwright - too bad Adam's first name wasn't Wandy. 0 pts
Robinson Cano - cool insert +2 pts another Yankee -2 pts Total 0 pts
Gaby Sanchez - a floundering Fish -1 pt

PACK TOTAL : 0 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 0 pts
Pack 22?
Gaby Sanchez - holy dopplegangers Batman! Two different Gaby's in the set! That's two too many! -1 pt
Jair Jurrjens - a Brave!!! +2 pts
Jonathan Sanchez - I've typed the word 'Sanchez' waaay too much today. 0 pts
Jason Heyward - another Brave! +2 pts
Tim Lincecum - he's gone from being the Freak to just being the Slightly Odd number two starter. 0 pts
Ronald Freaking Reagan - He ain't around to save the country's butt this time +2 pts
Josh Hamilton - Catch it! Pretend it's a shot! 0 pts. What??? Too soon?

PACK TOTAL : 5 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 8 pts

Pack 23
Mariano Rivera - some people think he's a Hall of Famer. I think he's -2 pts
Alex Rodriguez - a Double Yankee Dipper! -2 pts
Roy Oswalt - this isn't going well for Joe -1 pt
Calvin Coolidge - the first Prez to throw out a first pitch in the World Series +2 pts
Robinson Cano - Oh the humanity!!! -2 pts
Drew Stubbs - Drew can't save Joe now.... 0 pts
Corey Hart - same name as a Canadian singer, pity point +1 pt

PACK TOTAL : -4 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 0 pts

Pack 24

High-Five Man
Carlos Ruiz - a lousy Phillie -1 pt
Daniel Hudson - meh. 0 pts
Shin-Soo Choo - is his name Shin-Soo Choo or Choo Shin-Soo? 0 pts
Miguel Cabrera - cool insert +2 pts
Trevor Cahill - that uni is EPIC. +1 pt
Evan Longoria - his girlie friend is Smoking Hot. Yes. Capital S. Capital H. 0 pts
Jim Thome - too bad MattF didn't pull this one  +2 pts

PACK TOTAL : 4 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 6 pts

Look for another post tomorrow night. I'll also update the leaderboard then as well.
In the meantime I'll start looking online for a new scanner on sale somewhere.....


Greg Zakwin said...

That's a sweet shot on the J-Hey.

Morgan said...

I agree with you about the all-in-ones. Why do I keep buying them?

night owl said...

OK, I had to do some investigating on Longoria's girfriend.

You're not lying.

Dave H said...

Love the Miggy Insert.

The Angels In Order said...

Is Ben Revere in any way related to Paul?

bamlinden said...

A pair of a Regan - Sweet!



dawgbones said...

trying to come up with something snarkey to say about your scanner woes, but am hitting on nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that uni is way more than epic, it's so bright, it darkened my glasses!! Damn that yellow is something else!! And I happen to think crappily is an awesome new word.

Play at the Plate said...

Dig those President cards.

And yes, it's too soon.

Kazi said...

I also do several things crappily

Jafronius said...

Too bad the Cahill and Hart cards were not in the same pack, otherwise, you can say Cahill's uniform's so bright, Har has to wear his sunglasses at night!

Jeff Wilk said...

Reagan saved the country? When?

Fuji said...

Love the Cahill photo! And I need to hunt down one of those Reagans.

Cardhobbyist said...

Glad to see Pack Wars back rollin'

Hackenbush said...

My really nice Canon scanner was useless when my computer died and I had to switch to Windows 7 as there were no new drivers for it. (sorry for the awful sentence). I bought a new Canon scanner and still miss the old one. In the words of some old saxophone player, "I feel your pain".

LV said...

I love the card of Ron Regan throwing out the first pitch at Wrigley! I remember watching that game!!!

AdamE said...

That chick is with the wrong e longoria.

Captain Canuck said...

no more bonus points for this post