Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Opening Day Pack Wars Contest is on!

Here we go kids. Remember the rules for bonus points. Here are Packs 1-4 for contestants reoddai, daddyohoho, LV, and F&S Baseball Cards.
reoddai -
I think he's Canadian +1pt
Mickey Mantle - are you kidding me? mantle as a base card in a 2011 Opening Day set? There are no corpses in any lineup on Opening Day. Except Jamie Moyer of course. -2pts
Bronson Arroyo - he of the wooden leg. 0pts
Gavin Floyd - it's still odd to see a White Sox player pitching against the Braves on a baseball card. 0pts
Pablo Sandoval - lose some weight Pancho. 0pts
Joey Votto - 225 million????? Really? 0pts
George Bush insert - I was going to minus a point for mixing politics and sports, until I realized there was a whole mess of them in this set.... +2pts
Andrew Bailey - Hope you Red Sox fans have a fall back option. 0pts

PACK TOTAL : 0 point  BONUS POINTS : 1 point so far.

I dig a good Taco Pizza +1pt
Ichiro - I should minus a point here for Topps not using his whole name. Lame. 0pts
Magglio Ordonez - cool shot. Nice to see the umpires being left in the shots again. 0pts
Ian Kinsler - ditto. 0pts
Cliff Lee - Favourite team +2pts Being a Phillie -1pt  +1total
Jon Niese - A Met! Boo! -1pt
A Rod insert - A Yankee insert -2pts
Nick Markakis insert - what the heck are the Orioles celebrating? 5th place? 2pts

PACK TOTAL : 0pts  BONUS POINTS : 1 point so far

Yadier Molina - WHAMMY!  -1pt
Alexei Ramirez - Prince needs to take Alexei out to one of his all you can eat buffets. 0pts
Andres Torres - this shot reminds me of those tilted ground shots they used to do in the mid 70's. +1pt
George Bush insert - George throws another stike down the middle! 2 for 2! and +2pts
Derek Jeter - George giveth and I taketh away. -2pts
Jose Reyes - A Met -1pt and dreadlocks, -1pt for -2pts total
Dan Haren - so Topps is owned by Disney, who owns ABC television network, which owns ESPN. And here we have an ESPN ad in the background. Coincidence? I think not. I'm on to you Topps. 0pts.

PACK TOTAL : -2pts   BONUS POINTS : 0pts so far

F&S Baseball Cards
a blog where he posts videos of him and his young son busting packs together and sharing the hobby. Very cool sir. +1pt
his wife makes a mean homemade pizza. I love homemade pizza. +1
Mike Leake - Yawn. 0pts
James McDonald - Boring. 0pts
Chris Perez - Wake me when this is over. 0pts
Clay Bucholz - at least it's not horizontal. 0pts
Scott Rolen - is he still playing??? 0pts
Chris Johnson - I have him on my fantasy team........ In football. 0pts
Billy The Marlin - We're gonna need a bigger boat. +2pts. Being a Marlin. Literally. -1pt   +1pt total

PACK TOTAL : 1pt   BONUS POINTS : 2 so far

After one round the leaderboard looks like this

F&S Baseball Cards 1+2=3pts
reoddai 0+1=1pt
daddyohoho 0+1=1pt
LV -2+0= -2pts

Again, remember the bonus rules, they can help you move up the standings, even after your pack is posted.

Next round posted tomorrow.


AdamE said...

I can't comment from work so I'm never going to get any bonus points if you don't accept that email I sent...

FanOfReds said...

So many Reds! And no bonus points for the Toy Soldier known as Arroyo? For shame.

Captain Canuck said...

email accepted sir. Well played.

Mariner1 said...

Looking at some of these is really making me realize the reason I decided not to collect this years Topps set minus the Mariners. I wonder what my pack will he soon....

night owl said...

At last, someone else not afraid to say that simply putting "Ichiro" on a baseball card is stupid.

We're not playing soccer here.

Play at the Plate said...

Bush, Kinsler, should get bonus points sir. If you won't do it I will. I hereby award you 10 honorary points for the Soccer fan of the week pic! Well done sir, well done.

bamlinden said...


What more do you need.


What don't they need.

Dhoff said...

I hope there's a Bush card of him behind an Mission Accomplished banner...eating a pizza. How many points for that?

Greg Zakwin said...

Those Kinsler and Ordonez cards are fantastic. Also, you have an e-mail coming shortly....

Cardhobbyist said...

I don't think the Orioles are celebrating, they just think they can dance

dawgbones said...

Looks like you got a Bush hot box so far... I kinda like the PFP inserts, but I also agree with you on the Mantle, very cool shot, but unless we are talking about heaven here, he ain't opening for anybody anytime soon.
I never realized how tough it could be to score points in a pack war.
I can't believe you got that box for $15!! too cool...

Dave H said...

Gotta love seeing a fellow Canadian cashing in! If the Expos had done the same thing with Larry Walker, who knows what could have happened for them.

arpsmith said...

Random Thoughts

Genuis corpse comments!

I like the two Bush cards, I actually completed that entire insert set for some ridiculous, unknown reason.

The scoring is hilarious and resembling soccer scores.

I wish my LCS sold boxes that cheap.

Looking forward to my break in the next round, Give me some Giants!

Morgan said...

I think Alexei Ramirez is running away from Prince Fielder. I know I would be.

Kazi said...

hope I can do better than some of these packs

The Angels In Order said...

A double-dose of George Bush, awesome.

daddyohoho said...

Must get taco pizza....

Flipper Baby said...

Correction: Topps is not owned by Disney.

LV said...

Of course, I would end up with Molina!!! Debbie Downer wah-wah!!!!

LV said...

I also have some cards off your want list, but it won't let me email you off of your profile. Shoot me an email and I'll get them to you.

High-Five Man said...

Erik Bedard starts on Opening Day for the Pirates? The world must be ending!

Jeff Wilk said...

FYI - I can sing the entire Canadian national anthem (just not the French part). So what's that, like, 38 bonus points or something?

Captain Canuck said...

end of bonus comments