Monday, April 2, 2012

Contest Rules... and, there's still time to sign up for the bonus round.

Here are the scoring and rules for my Opening Day Contest.
1. My blog, my rules. And yes, I make them up as I go.

2.Points will be awarded or deducted for the following;

Braves +2
Your Favourite team +2
Your favourite player +2
Yankees -2
Mets -1
Phillies -1
Nationals -1
Marlins -1
any insert +2
Yadier Molina -1
a numbered parallel +2
anybody wearing obvious dreadlocks -1
Stirrups! +1
Catchers shown in equipment +1
Pitchers running the bases +1
Chippah! +1
Cards showing ads for pizza +2
Cards showing ads for Coca Cola +1

You can also score bonus points to increase your pack's value.

-comment on any of the pack war posts not including your own pack before the next one is posted +1
-comment on the pack war post featuring your pack before the next one is posted +2
-send me one card (or more) off of my wantlist before the end of the contest +2 (I can be bought, and I'm cheap)
-email me a picture of someone in your favourite team's jersey +2
----it's a woman +1
----it's a dude -100,000

I will also be adding and deducting random points based on the cards themselves as well as your sign up comments.
So if you haven't already signed up, scroll down and sign up on the previuos post.

We should get this ball rolling Wednesday evening.
Good Luck to all.


Dhoff said...

Ha. These rules are great. I plan on racking up a lot of points for pizza ads, due to the Stadium Lights insert set sponsored by Dominos.

Play at the Plate said...

I bow to the Pack War Puppetmaster. I like the boldness of the point system.