Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Opening Day Contest Post up tonight...

I'll have the first Pack Wars Opening Day Contest post up later tonight. With a 36 Pack box, I think 4 packs per post will do nicely.

After randomization, here is the order for the Pack Wars.

1. reoddai
2. daddyohoho
3. LV
4. F&S Baseball Cards
5. arpsmith
6. Greg Zakwin
7. Mariner1
8. Superduperman99
9. Jeff Wilk
10. The Dimwit
11. jaybarkerfan
12. dawgbones
13. Jason
14. The Angels In Order
15. Cool Breeze
16. Dhoff
17. Napkin Doon
18. Nick
19. Kazi
20. Josh D.
21. Matt F.
22. bamlinden
23. (...Joe)
24. High-Five Man
25. The Diamond King
26. Dave H.
28. Play At The Plate
29. Morgan
30. night owl
31. Cardhobbyist
32. Hackenbush
33. 1967ers
34. Fuji
35. The Dutch Card Guy
36. Don WickedOrtega

Bonus Participants

37. Jafronius
38. Adam E.
39. Dodgerbobble
40. cynicalbuddha
41. FanOfReds
42. Commishbob
43. ???????

If you do NOT see your name here, and you think it should be.... leave me a comment and let me know.

A reminder to all participants to read the scoring rules to find out how to get bonus points.

And if you haven't signed up yet but want to.. GO HERE AND SIGN UP

I'll accept bonus entries until I post the first 4 packs tonight.


dawgbones said...

Hot damn, I just tied my 4 points from PATP's contest last week!!

Play at the Plate said...

Dawgbones has 4 points already?! I think he's still am at me for my Pack War :).
I'm happy with 28. I feel a Josh Hamilton parallel and a Rangers MASCOT card in that pack.