Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day Pack Wars Post Number 2

Alright... it's time for post number 2. Today's contestants are; arpsmith, Greg Zakwin, Mariner1, and Superduperman99.
I won't be home when this post publishes.... so I'll update the scores to reflect the bonus comments etc... later. Hopefully later tonight. But I know better than to promise anything.

Pack 5
an all meat pizza with thick crust??? Yes please. +1
arpsmith also sent in a nice picture. +3
John Lester - what happened to the Red Sox pitching??? 0 pts
Brian Matusz - It's hard to remember the Orioles ever having pitching. 0 pts
Alfonso Soriano - I'm surprised he's not DH'ing in the A.L. yet. 0 pts
Matt Holiday - an insert +2 a boring one, but one nonetheless.
Adrian Gonzalez - I liked him better in San Diego. 0 pts
Chase Utley - a cool insert. +2 but he's a Phillie. -1 so, +1 total
Justin Verlander - I wonder if he can pitch every other day? 0 pts


Pack 6
Greg Zakwin
Greg sent me not one, but three lovely photos. +3
Tyler Colvin - stick that tongue in boy before you bite it off. 0 pts
Omar Infante - It's Omar! A former Brave! But now he's a fish. -1 pt
Andre Ethier - Favourite team! +2 pts
Alex Rodriguez - an insert! +2 a cool insert! +1 He's a Yankee -2 pts for +1 pt total
Something that would scare the hell out of my cat - insert +2 and Stirrups!!!! +1 for +3 pts total
Brennan Boesch - I should take a point off for another Molina sighting. 0 pts
Edison Volquez - the dreaded dreadlocks. -1 pt

PACK TOTAL : 4 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 3 pts

Pack 7
Miguel Tejada - what is he? 50? 0 pts
Garrett Jones - cool headset. But not cool enough. 0 pts
Johnny Cueto - How many Reds are in this set??? 0 pts
Colby Rasmus - Nice shades. Enjoy Toronto. 0 pts
Felix Hernandez - Favourite team! +2 pts
Ricky Nolasco - another fish. -1 pt
Troy Tulowitzki - night owl thinks he's the next Chipper. And it's an insert. +2 pts

PACK TOTAL : 3 pts   BONUS TOTAL : 0 pts


Jaime Garcia - Favourite team! +2 pts
Chase Utley - effing Phillies. -1 pt
Angel Pagan - ack! a Met! -1 pt
Joel Pineiro - talk about a guy getting the most from the least. 0 pts
Carlos Beltran - they're just piling on now.... -1 pt
Tommy Hanson - A Brave!! +2 pts. It's Tommy Hanson! +1 pt for +3 total
Derek Jeter - an insert +2 pts. Of another Yankee. -2 pts for 0 pts total

PACK TOTAL : 2 pts  BONUS POINTS : 0 pts

There you have it. Like I said, I'll update the leaderboard, including any as yet unaccounted for comment bonuses later tonight.


Greg Zakwin said...

Another great photo on the Boesch. And wooo! Dre! Dodgers! Mascots that are creepy!

bamlinden said...

So is the mascot the opening day pitcher?

AdamE said...

Lester is the bright spot of out pitching rotation. Too bad he was up against the AL MVP/CYYoung this morning.

Morgan said...

I was wondering where you were hiding those Braves.

dawgbones said...

I still say the ERROR was putting those frickin cards in this set!! and what, NO Bush tonight?!? And that is one of the creepiest Mascots in MLB. Baxter is another one. And maybe the Mascot could've helped them with the Tides last night??

LV said...

That's a sweet Chase Utley Stadium Lights card!!!

Play at the Plate said...

I like the mascots. My son is collecting them. More Bush!!

night owl said...

I am taking a break in the middle of the Dodgers' season opener (a win, by the way) to comment on this. You should be honored.

Kazi said...

Jays win in 16 innings--hope I have t hei luck in my braek

Dhoff said...

I was wondering if anyone could break through the point system and actually get some points. Some high scorers. Nicicle.

Hackenbush said...

Bob Brenly actually complimented Alfonso Soriano on his defense today.

Fuji said...

I'm with PATP... the mascot cards are awesome. I'm thinking maybe I'll start a mascot binder.

Captain Canuck said...

no more bonus comments.

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