Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Opening Day Contest Post number 4

We (I mean me) need to get this thing going.... today's contestants are Jason, The Angels In Order, Cool Breeze, and Dhoff.

Pack 13
Stephen Strasburg - ZOMG! I'm rich!!!!!!!!!! But he's a National. -1 pt
Koji Uehara - BONZAI! 0 pts
Clayton Kershaw - I think I read something about him once or twice on Night Owl Cards. 0 pts
Michael Young - The Leaning Tower of Young 0 pts
Mark Teixeira - a Yankee. -2 pts
Brian Roberts - Roberts is the kind of guy whose uniform is always dirty. Even before the game. 0 pts
Chase Utley - An insert! +2 pts, of a Phillie. -1 pt Total 1 pt

PACK TOTAL : -2 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 0 pts

Pack 14
The Angels In Order
Kurt Suziki - in full equipment! +1 pt
Matt Garza - no points deducted for the Yankee in the background. 0 pts
Hunter Pence - from the Houston ballet, Ole! 0 pts
Greg Halman - apparently no one wants to see Halman bat. 0 pts
Brett Anderson - not many people want to see Anderson pitch either. 0 pts
Jonathan Papelbon - he's taking karate lessons from Daiske. 0 pts
Alex Rodriguez - an insert +2 pts. Of the dreaded Yankees -2 pts. Total 0 pts

PACK TOTAL : 1 pt   BONUS POINTS : 2 pts

Pack 15
Cool Breeze
a user name referencing The Unit, one of my wife's favourite tv shows +1
James Shields - ever notice most of the Rays starters look the same? 0 pts
Justin Upton - snow cone! 0 pts
Hanley Ramirez - a Fish. -1 pt
Carl Pavano - he's still playing? 0 pts
Matt Holliday - insert +2 pts
Austin Jackson - picked him up as a 5th outfielder on my fantasy team. 0 pts
Russell Martin - People don't think he's very good. And he's over rated. A Yankee -2 pts

PACK TOTAL :  -1 pt  BONUS TOTAL : 1 pt

Pack 16
Placido Polanco - one of the three tenors. And a Phillie. -1 pt
Starlin Castro - nice shot. 0 pts
Dinger - what the hell is a Dinger? Insert +2 pts AND an ad for Coca Cola +1 pt Total +3 pts
David Wright - a Met  -1 pt
Justin Morneau - A Canadian! 0 pts
Matt Garza - rememebr what I said about Rays starters? Insert +2 pts
Aroldis Chapman - I got nuthin' .... 0 pts

PACK TOTAL : 3 pts   BONUS TOTAL : 3 pts

I'll get the updated scores up this afternoon when I get back home.


Greg Zakwin said...

Clayton Kershaw!


The Angels In Order said...

Yankee in the background!? I got RIPPED!!


dawgbones said...

Dinger can refer to:
A nickname
A song
Baseball jargon for a home run
The purple, anthropomorphized triceratops mascot of the Colorado Rockies baseball team
A slang term referring to persons of East-Indian descent
A type of bell-headed monster from the children's television show Sesame Street
A pseudonym/nickname for SAS Bravo Two Zero patrol member, Ian Pring.
A character in the 1989 film Dream a Little Dream
OED: "Something superlative in a positive sense"
Ancient Sumerian word for 'God.'
Nickname for NASCARSprint Cup driver AJ Allmendinger.

and it looks like Ryan is trying to pick-pocket Pujols (say that ten times fast) in that shot!!

Play at the Plate said...

Young, a mascot AND a blue border? Sweet. The Martin comment was awesome.

High-Five Man said...

I'm behind on the commenting-on-each post.

FanOfReds said...

That Holliday card makes me sick. The Aroldis card is a good antidote. Now if only the Reds would make him a starter...

LV said...

I didn't know anything about the 'Spot the error' cards. I have never seen one!

Fuji said...

Sweet Kurt Suzuki... he should be worth a lot more than a +1 IMHO. Then again... I don't really want to help out an Angels fan either ;-)

Cardhobbyist said...

The only error I can spot on that card is that there is a Phillie on it

Morgan said...

I think they got the costume for their mascot out of a bin of leftovers from Barney.

Mariner1 said...

The Halman card always makes me sad that he met his tragic end so soon last offseason.

Dhoff said...

I scored some points, and off a Coca-cola ad. I didn't expect that. Nice.

Jeff Wilk said...

You couldn't make a Dog the bounty hunter Chapman joke on that last card?

AdamE said...

Why the heck would Koji yell Baby Trees?

For a guy that post pictures of hot chicks, how do you give someone points for a card of a player that is almost totally blocked from the camera by a guy crabbing another guys ass?

bamlinden said...

I don't care what a Dinger is....it's my new favorite mascot.

And new favorite card.


Jafronius said...

I don't get the Opening Day set. Why is the design the same as the base set? I do like the mascot cards though.

And dawgbones beat me to the pick-pocket Pujols card!

dawgbones said...

Okey dokey. Dinger got an extra point for the Coke ad. I should get extra points for the Phanatic being from my favorite team...

Captain Canuck said...

no more bonus comments for this post