Sunday, April 1, 2012

Opening Day Contest

I picked up a box of this at one of my local card shops for $15. Cheap wax means giveaways. And giveaways means a contest.
I had planned on doing a pack war type of contest, but then Play at the Plate started one. I thought about it for a few days.... but decided to just have one anyways. Pack wars are fun, right?

So here's the deal. 36 packs means 36 spots. The first 36 people who sign up will be in. Leave a comment about your favourite pizza, your favourite baseball team, your favourite Brave, and your favourite non-Brave.

EDIT: we are full up, but if you haven't entered already, sign up anyway and I'll have some sort of bonus round.

Official Made Up Rules posted on Monday sometime.....


(...Joe) said...

Favorite Pizza- I worked at a pizzeria for 3 years so pizza is dead to me for the foreseeable future. But before then, it was pineapple w/bacon!

Favorite Team- METS!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Brave- Homer

Favorite non-Brave- Mike Piazza!
(or David Wright, if they have to be active)

The Angels In Order said...

I love a good contest, thanks!

Pizza - Sausage, cheese, bell pepper, onions, and I have to eat it on gluten free dough.

Team - Angels

Favorite Brave - Current - Chipper

Non-Brave - Current - Mark Trumbo

arpsmith said...

My favorite pizza is from a place in the Sacramento area where I grew up Pizzaria Classico. It is an all meat pizza with a thick crust. Yummmm!

Favorite team - The 2010 (and 2012) World Champion SF Giants

Favorite Brave - Dale Murphy

Favorite Non-Brave - past Willie McCovey, present Matt Cain

Greg Zakwin said...

Pizza - Domino's Brooklyn Style Pepperoni Pizza

Team - Dodgers

Brave - Jason Heyward

Non-Brave - Matt Kemp/Clayton Kershaw (it's 1A/1B, with The Bison on top)

night owl said...

Favorite pizza - I'm cutting back on stuff like this, so I'll take something cheesy with veggies ... Yeah, I know.

Favorite team: Dodgers.

Favorite non-Brave: Clayton Kershaw, winner of the next 4 Cy Youngs.

Favorite Brave: Hammerin' Hank.


The Dutch Card Guy said...

My favorite pizza is a Pizza Calzone !

Favorite team - Yankees !!

Favorite Brave - Tom Glavine !

Favorite Non-Brave - Mariano Rivera

The Dimwit said...

Pizza - Cheese with extra cheese.

Team - Astros

Brave - Michael Bourn

Non Brave - Nolan Ryan

Jeff Wilk said...

Fav pizza: I frigging live in Chicago. That's like asking what my favorite brand of bacon is. Since you are forcing me, it's Phil's in Oak Lawn, IL.

Fav team: ChiSox

Fav Brave: Chip off the old block

Fav non-Brave: Brent Lillibridge

Nick said...

Favorite Pizza: Extra pepperoni

Favorite Team: Cubs

Favorite Brave: Hank Aaron

Favorite Non-Brave: Roberto Clemente


The Diamond King said...

Favorite Pizza - Supreme
Favorite team - Hmmm, I guess Cardinals
Favorite Brave - past, Aaron, current, Heyward
Favorite non-Brave - past McGwire, current, Pujols

High-Five Man said...

Pizza - good ole' cheese!
Team - More of a player guy, but I'll go with the Rangers.
Brave - Chippah!
Non-Brave - Matt Stairs (does he count?)

Cardhobbyist said...

Favorite Pizza: Sausage and Black Olives.

Favorite Team: Braves!! Duh

Favorite Brave: Prado

Favorite Non-Brave:Pablo Sandoval

jaybarkerfan said...

favourite pizza would have to be Deep Dish Double Pepperoni and Sausage from Little Caesars

favourite baseball team is definitely the Braves

your favourite Brave would definitely be Chipper!

my favourite non-Brave would be Minnesota Twin Josh Willingham.

Napkin Doon said...

Favorite Pizza: Chicago style from Uno's in Chicago
Favorite Team: Rangers
Favorite Brave: Brett Butler
Favorite Non Brave: Michael Young

reoddai said...

New York Style Peperonni Pizza w/ extra Mushrooms. How I miss you.

Team - Toronto Blue Jays (Go Jays!)

FAv Brave - Current Brian McCann, All Time - Hank Aaron

Non Brave - David Ortiz
All Time - Nolan Ryan

TY for the contest!

Dhoff said...

Any pizza is a good pizza, and I dig the Chicago and New York style, but anything with pepperoni is good for me.

Favorite team: Tigers

Favorite Brave: McCann

Favorite Non-Brave: Verlander

Don WickedOrtega said...

Pizza: any pizza is good pizza.
Fave Team: Marlins
Fave Brave:Dan Uggla
non Brave: Josh Johnson
AllTime: Will Clark

Morgan said...

Favorite Pizza - Pizza Hut stuffed crust cheese pizza. Yeah, I like cheese...a lot.

Favorite Team - Braves

Favorite Brave - Current: Dan Uggla. Past: Javy Lopez.

Favorite Non-Brave - Current: Cody Ross. Past: Mike Lowell.

F & S baseball cards said...

Favorite Pizza- My wife makes homemade pizza, its awesome

Favorite Team- Cubs (don't laugh)

Favorite Brave- past Warren Spahn present Dan Uggla

Favorite non-Brave past- Paul Molitor Present - Dustin Pedroia

Cool Breeze said...

Pizza=any pizza is good,but Chicago supreme

Team=past-Astros/Rangers Current-Redsox,more of a player collector



bamlinden said...


Mariner1 said...

Favorite pizza- PMS pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage

Favorite team- Mariners duh

Favorite Brave- Dale Murphy past, Chipper Jones current

Favorite non Brave- Tim Lincecum for my son

Matt F. said...

Favorite pizza - Hawaiian

Favorite team: Twins

Favorite Brave: Andy Pafko

Favorite non-Brave: Jim Thome

Thanks for the contest!

Superduperman99 said...


Favorite Brave-Freeman

Favorite Team-Cardinals

Favorite Non-Brave-Adam Wainwright

LV said...

Pizza - Pepperoni
Favorite Brave - Dale Murphy
Favorite Non-Brave - Eric Hosmer
Favorite Team - Cubs

Josh D. said...

Favorite Pizza is Sausage & Mushroom

Favorite Team: KC ROYALS

Favorite Brave: Jeff Francouer

Favorite Non-Brave: David DeJesus

Kazi said...

meat lovers pizza
Blue Jays
Eric Hinske
Brett Lawrie

Kazi said...

meat lovers pizza
Blue Jays
Eric Hinske
Brett Lawrie

Hackenbush said...

Teams- Cubs
Brave-Warren Spahn
Non-Brave-Ron Santo

dawgbones said...

Dang near missed it!!

Pizza - Pineapple and Canadian Bacon

Favorite Team - Phillies (naturally)

Favorite Brave - Homer the Mascot

Favorite Non-Brave - Hunter Pence

Hope I get more than 4 points in this one!!

Jason said...

Pizza - Mello Mushroom in NC
Team - Indians
Brave - Tie: Bob Horner and Henry Aaron
Non-Brave - Tie: Jim Thome, Buddy Bell, and Jason Kipnis (had to name somebody current)

Fuji said...

Pack wars are awesome!

Favorite Pizza - Wombo Combo from Round Table: (linguica, bacon, Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, green onions, & tomatoes)

Favorite Team: If I can only choose one, I'd have to go with the Oakland A's.

Favorite Brave: Greg Maddux (if I have to choose a current Braves player, I'd go with Chipper)

Favorite non-Brave: Tony Gwynn (or Kurt Suzuki if we're going with current players)

Dave H said...

Pizza - Pep

Team - Tigers

Brave - Glavine

Non-Brave - Trammell


daddyohoho said...

Taco pizza


Chipper Jones

Jimmy Rollins


Pizza - Three cheese,sausage and Canadian bacon

Fave Team - Cleveland Indians

Fave Brave - Chipper

Fave non - Brave Jim Abbott

1967ers said...

This place near us does one with feta cheese, chicken and hot peppers. Not sure it even counts as pizza, but it's awesome.

Favourite team - Blue Jays. Given my favourite hockey team, playoffs are clearly not my thing.

Favourite Brave - Hank Aaron.

Favourite non-Brave - Tony Fernandez, though one of Lawrie or Bautista may usurp this.

Captain Canuck said...

room left for one more...

after that, you can still leave your info in case I come up with some bonus packs or a random prize or something.... no promises though

Play at the Plate said...

I want in! I'll leave my info when I get to work.

Captain Canuck said...

alright... PATP is #36... everyone else leave your info for the bonus round.
If there is one.
There'll probably maybe be one for sure I think.

Jafronius said...

Wooo! Go bonus round! That's how I got into PATP's contest.

Pizza: Meat Lovers
Team: Cubs
Brave: Chipper
Non-Brave: Ichiro

Thanks for the contest!

Dodgerbobble said...

Thanks for letting in late entries!

Favorite pizza - white pizza with onions and mushrooms

Favorite Team - Dodgers

Favorite Brave - Chipper

Favorite non Brave - Matt Kemp

Play at the Plate said...

My stats:

Favorite pizza: I've only had it once, but it was a deep dish masterpiece from Pizza Uno in Chicago. Locally, it would be a local spot call Napoli's chicken bacon and tomato.

Favorite Team: Rangers

Brave: I like catchers, I'll go with McCann and all those colorful chromies I've got (sorry, that was uncalled for)

Current Fave: Michael Young
All-Time: Will Clark

Thanks B!

cynicalbuddha said...

Damn these stubby fingers I'm just too damn slow oh well I'll enter for the bonus.

Pizza - Pepperoni and Mushroom
Team -Brewers
Favorite Brave - Chipper Jones
Favorite Non-Brave - Past Robin Yount
Would I get bonus points for putting the U in Favorite?

FanOfReds said...

Favourite pizza: Bacon, or else BBQ Chicken
Favourite baseball team: Reds
Favourite Brave: Of all time? Hank Aaron. Of the more current variety, I guess Bourn since I drafted him on a fantasy team.
Favourite non-Brave: Current favorite is Joey Votto.

AdamE said...

Favorite Pizza: Hot Wing Pizza
Favorite Team: Red Sox
Favorite Brave: McCann
Favorite non-Brave: Youkilis

Jafronius said...

Wait, wha happen to my post? I was the first one after the dear Captain said to sign up for the bonus round. Good thing it's still open!

Pizza - Meat Lovers
Team - Cubs
Brave - Chipper
Non-Brave - Ichiro

Thanks for the bonus round!

Captain Canuck said...

Alright... poor Jarfonius has left two comments and neither one stuck around.
I love blogger.
Here is his info....

Pizza - Meat Lovers
Team - Cubs
Brave - Chipper
Non-Brave - Ichiro

Thanks for the bonus round!

Commishbob said...

Since I'm too late I'm post for the hell of it...

Pizza...pepperoni and Roma tomatoes

Team... Sadly, the Orioles

Brave.. Eddie Matthews

Non-Brave... Eddie Murray