Monday, February 15, 2010

Brand New 350,000 card giveaway announced!

In the shadow of the great(?) Topps Million Card Giveaway success(?), a new, slightly smaller, 350,000 card giveaway has been announced.

Canuck Cards, an new, unlicensed, card broker has announced that they will be giving away up to 350,000 cards in a similar style to Topps.

All you have to do is go HERE, enter your code, your mailing address, and BAM! A random card is placed in your account. You can do this as many times as you wish, as long as you have codes.

How do you get codes? Simple. With Canuck Cards, everything is simple. Your code is your phone number. Your pet's name. Your wife's middle name. Any three letters of the alphabet. A random haiku. Bang your head on the keyboard and enter whatever comes up.

Simple? I thought so. And, even better than Topps, shipping and handling is only $1.75 for the first THREE cards and .25 cents for each additional card.

How can you lose???

Remember, go HERE at Canuck Cards, enter your code, and Bob's your uncle.

You can thank me later.


Anonymous said...

omigosh! I just entered!

Field of Cards said...

Ok I'm in!

Tim said...

Can I just send you my ex wife, the dog, and 3 letters from a bowl of alphabet soup Call it a win-win situation.

Peterson said...

does "check your email for trade prop.s from Peterson" count as a code?