Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sell sheet FAIL

I ordered a box of Upper Deck Hockey Series 2 and it arrived today. However, that is not what this post is about.
Inside that box was a sell sheet for '09/10 UD Champ's hockey. This was a big hit last year. Think A&G but for hockey. And nicer. Anyways....

Here is the cover of the sell sheet.

and here is the inside.
did you see any hockey cards? In fact, forget the pictures, did you read about any of the hockey players?

Look again.


Tim said...

Oh that soooooooooooo sucks! I guess the raptors played hockey back then with the sharks. I hope I can get the following players from the "Ice Age" Raptors hockey team:

1. Eatin Urguts
2. Myclaw Izbiger
3. Ieat Spleensntestes
4. Ita Tastslikechiken

Why is UD doing this to us? Has Hell officially frozen over?

dogfacedgremlin said...

They always say hockey players are a bunch of animals.

Peterson said...

uuuuuh...Fail? No doubt. but I think I just found my new chase set. (I am a biologist/naturalist AND card collector...they got me!)

Ieat Spleenntestes, I am laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...

They sold me! I love the non-hockey stuff in Champs. I even got a Mastadon tooth from last release hehe.

G_Moses said...

The sell sheet is directed at people like me. I don't follow hockey, but all of a sudden, I feel like busting a box of that and getting a T Rex bone card.

Sorry for you though. They probably could've had a hockey picture card to show you what was what.

dayf said...

That's just silly.

Everyone knows that Raptors and Grizzlies play basketball, not hockey.

Tim said...

Ever watch a Grizzly play hockey with a seal? They slap that thing silly then use it's head for a puck. That's how the Philadelphia Flyers molded their hockey team. Now as for the Raptors well....nobody could train them cause their star player, "Ieat Spleensntestes" would eat everyone. So they figure if they could put them on the ice then this would give the trainers a half a chance of survival. Upper Deck is going to release a 6,786 card collection on it and if you're one of the first ones to send in the whole collection you get to meet Ieat Spleensntestes (once you sign liability and insurance waivers) in person. You could get an autograph and heck even share a pint or two (organ donor by chance?). It's a package that's well worth an arm and a leg over!

Peterson said...

...but is it worth your spleen n' testes?