Thursday, February 25, 2010

UD series 2 box break

No messing around with glitzy titles or false promises. Steak and potatoes. That's me. Well, actually it's the Olympic Gold medal winning women's bobsleigh team from Canada. Heather Moyse and Kaillie Humphreys are from Calgary and Prince Edward Island. Get it? Steak and potatoes? Alberta and P.E.I??? Ah... forget it. Canadian humour.

Anyways. I busted a box of Upper Deck Series 2 hockey yesterday. 24 packs, 8 cards per... yadda, yadda, yadda. Price? $60 shipped from Montreal.

The base cards are the same as series 1, as well as their baseball and football counterparts.
the backs...
8 cards per pack is a bit misleading... one card in each pack is the series 2 cards for their Victory set. Kinda like the whole updates/highlights/heritage debacle.
in each box they say you'll get two relic cards. (on average) The first one I pulled was from my favourite team!!!
but it's of the one guy I don't like on my favourite team. This one may be destined for ShoeBoxLegends. He'll appreciate it I'm sure.
They brought back the Heroes insert set. this time it's Mark Messier. Yawn. I got two in the box.
The problem with UD is their insistance on inserting 30 million insert sets. In each series. This one is called Playoff Performers. I got this Patrick kane and Marc-Andre Fleury.
a carry over insert set is draft day gems. A waste of cards... I got Lidstrom and Tim Thomas.
A new to series 2 insert is this horrible early '90's Score looking Rookie Debut card.
Bringing back a set from last year, Captain's Calling returns.
A set that I was really excited about was The Champions. I was hoping it was UD's version of the Canadian Heroes set in OPC. My first card was of the U.S. women's hockey team competing in Vancouver. I love it. I'm going to complete this set. Or I was anyways....
until this..... WTF? A card of a figure skating silver medalist??? Maybe if it was an event used relic bat card.... ( poor taste, I know, it's my blog, deal with it)
my second relic card was of potential rookie of the year, John Tavares.
But what really drives the price, are the Young Guns. These are what the kids chase after, before they discover girls, and then again after they marry one....
You get six per hobby box.
even I haven't heard of that guy. Oskars?
cool. A local dude.
my favourite team again...
Young Phil is doing well...
ooh... Tyler is a first round pick. He's played one game. He has one goal. He's on pace for an 80 goal season!!!!!!

And finally, young Jonas Gustavsson. Jonas is still having nightmares of rubber bullets coming at his head. Toronto needs to improve the "D". Acquiring Phaneuf helped.
Still with me?? I ended up with 145/200 base cards. And this is either a pro, or a con, no duplicates. Great collation, but now I have no dupes to trade.... Now I have to find somewhere that sells packs.
Who else is collecting this set???


Anonymous said...

Looked like good times. I've always liked UD's base hockey set. I never understood why it was so much better than the other sports.

By the WAY... I'm sticking to blogger. So, there, you can find me easily.

Anonymous said...

I'll be collecting it shortly, although I'll probably only buy one box and be in the same boat as you. I'll happily trade my inserts to you, though.

TJ said...

I'm just about done with my series 1 set and then I'll start on the series 2. It's not a very exciting set at all. For some reason I can't stop myself from buying packs. Weird.

Tim said...

Are any of the Hockey Heroes autographed cause I'd love to get my hands on a Mark if so?

Roy said...

I may give it a shot.

Nice Taveres pull. Too bad he plays for the Isles.

Oh, feel better about Canada after last night? Good old fashioned Ruskie shit kicking.

Justin G. said...

I'm sure I'll be picking up a box sooner or later...once I do I'll let you know what inserts I pull.

Casey said...

I think the only Young Gun worth collecting (so far, at least) is Gustavsson, which is why I only bought three packs. Overall, the set (both series) doesn't do much for me. I'm saving my pennies for the Champ's set!

dogfacedgremlin said...

I've already got my want list posted on my blog. I think I am going to try and put together the Playoff Performers set and the Heroes.

Nice Tavares, though. I have yet to pull a Hedman or Tavares out of anything I've opened thus far.

By the way, I sent you an email because I have a bunch of the ones you need.

Jeremy said...

I'm collecting the set. I have about 150 cards or so, too. There's no excuse for Upper Deck not putting a full base set in a box, especially for the prices you're paying.

Also, nice pulls on the Tavares and Monster cards.

shanediaz82 said...

I've finished my series 1 set and just busted a box of series 2. Like you I got no doubles to trade though, it's because of those damn Victory cards.

I'd definitely trade you for the Hamrlik sometime. By the way, if you think you got a crappy Champions card wait until you see my box break post!

kevincrumbs said...

I've read this blog for awhile now and I never knew you were also a Habs fan. Odd.

As for Bartulis, I think we was actually on the Latvian Olympic team.

Should be some fun Canadiens Young Guns to pull next year. Subban, Trotter, Desharnais, etc.