Friday, February 26, 2010

Golden Girls

Yeah, I'm almost a day late with this... give me a break, I've been busy. Onwards and upwards!

The team shot
The world's best womens goaltender.
The Gold Medal winning goalie from 2006, a backup this year, played in 1 game.
The Gold Medal winning goalie from 2002, also a backup this year, played in 2 games.
The world's best female player 9 goals 6 assists in 5 games
the Gold Medal game heroine 18 y/o 5 goals 2 assists
The all time women's scoring leader 2 goals 9 assists in 5 games
The beast... 6' 1" - 3 goals 4 assists
2 goals 1 assist
4 goals 1 assist
5 goals 7 assists
2 assists
1 goal 5 assists
3 goals 5 assists
2 goals 9 assists
not pictured / included in set
Cherie Piper 5 goals 5 assists
the defence.
4 assists and a +14
2 goals 3 assists and a +13
2 goals 2 assists and a +15
2 goals 2 assists and a +12
Meaghan was the only player without points, +11
Gillian was the final cut in training camp, and did not make the team.

btw girls, if they are still giving you a hard time about drinking beer and smoking cigars in GM Place after the game, there's plenty of room at my house.
My wife says it's okay. Really. No really.


BA Benny said...

Congrats to Canada's Ladies. Hopefully the USA men can go all the way.

G_Moses said...

Let me apologize on behalf of Americans with common sense. The ONLY reason that Canadian Hockey had to apologize to the Olympic Committee/Americans is because Americans have this faux modesty about them.

For pete's sake. They won the gold. And now they have to apologize for having a beer and smoking a cigar. It's pretty much the ultimate culmination of the work they put in, and they have to apologize to us for celebrating.

On behalf of America, we reject your apology. None needed. Party on.

night owl said...

I've got no problem with gold medalists partying on the ice. Do it up girls!

But women smoking cigars I will never be able to figure out.