Thursday, February 11, 2010

Excuse to collect toys...

The start of a new season means the start of a new year of promotions. Among the riff raff scheduled to be given away at ballparks this year include snuggies, skateboards, foam fingers, action figures, grass seed (the lawn kind), garden gnomes and of course, everyone's favourites, bobbleheads.

I had to pick this Adam LaRoche one (limited to 8000!) up off of fleabay. I also have his from Danville. That was tough to track down.

Anyways... here's your schedule for bobblehead heaven.

April 16 Seattle - Ken Griffey Jr.
April 21 Anaheim - Erick Aybar
April 24 Texas - Elvis Andrus
April 24 San Francisco - Pablo Sandoval
May 7 Seattle - Ken Griffey Jr.
May 16 San Francisco - Willie Mays
June 13 San Francisco - Lucy (from Peanuts)
June 30 Baltimore - Matt Wieters
June 30 Anaheim - Joe Saunders
July 17 Cincinnati - Chris Sabo
July 30 St Louis - Vince Coleman
August 28 San Francisco - Joe DiMaggio (SF Seals)
August 29 Milwaukee - CC Sabathia

none as cool as the Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn from last season... but who can top that? BTW, I'm still wanting one of those if anyone has one available.

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Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

There are a few more Baltimore area bobblehead giveaways. The Orioles are giving away mini-bobbles of Nolan Reimold on May 26, Adam Jones on June 24, and Nick Markakis on August 5th. I did a post about that and the O's other giveaways.

The Nationals are giving away a Nyjer Morgan bobblehead on 5/31 as well.