Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009 OPC Box Two

for those of you seeking refuge from the barrage of Allen & Ginter posts, I say Welcome. As usual I'm fashionably late to the party.
Here is box two of my 2009 OPC baseball break. Box One is HERE, or just scroll down.
the last base card of Lefty?
a double print rookie of Jordan Schafer. (I like the way this rookie subset looks)
The '79/80 retro (one per box)
the black border, and black border mini (one per box)
and a one per 6 box autograph!
Good looking card. I had three packs left and was lamenting that I didn't get a triple jersey card like I did in the hockey, and *BAM* a little piece of yellow falls out of the wrapper....

Base Cards - 124 - no doubles
Black border - 36 - no doubles
DP's - 36 - no doubles (remember, I told you these are not SP's)
Faces of the Franchise - 3 (Roberts/Gonzalez/Zimmerman)
Gold Glove Award - 1 (Mauer)
Walk Off - 1 (Ruiz)
Midsummer Memories - 2 (Jeter/Morneau)
Highlights and Milestones - 2 (Zambrano/Lester)
All Rookie Team - 0
'79/80 Retro - 1 (Utley)
New York New York - 1 (Joba)
20th Anniversery BS Waste of Space - 6 (who cares?)
Mini Black Border - 1 (BRIAN FREAKIN' MCCANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Triple Jersey - 0
Autograph - 1 (Span)
Again, perfect collation. I got what the box said I was supposed to get. No damaged cards. Almost all with decent centering. A very good box.
Now I'll put 'em together and see how well they fit together, how many doubles, etc....
Remember what I said about them being double prints, not Sp's....
that's called foreshadowing kids.....


stusigpi said...

Damn, and I thought I had searched all the packs before I sent them to you.

MarieBay said...

Sign me up for Joba NY NY card pleeeeaaase

Doc said...

At least there is a final base card for Glavine, unlike Topps' disrespect for sure fire HOFers in their final season back in the 70s and 80s.

I'd love to have a 74 Mays, a 77 Aaron, an 84 Bench but Topps thought it unwise...