Monday, July 13, 2009

Falling behind and catching up Goose Joak style

I've been neglecting my Goose Joak responsibilities. Been distracted by shiny things, pretty girls, snacks, not necessarily in that order.
Here we go.
First up, the worst Braves outfielder since Raul Mondesi. At least John Schuerholz had the decency to release Mondesi. It looks like we're stuck with Anderson.
Next, we have infielder Brooks Conrad. I posted about Brooks here. He hasn't stopped hitting since.
Diory Hernandez. In the minors, he was all stick, no glove. In the bigs, it's been the opposite. Go figure.
Now we have Javier Vazquez. Top of the league in strikeouts. His secret? He throws underhanded.
future CF'er Jordan Schafer. Jordan needs to remember to hit the ball on the ground, and Run Jordan, Run!
New Brave, Nate McLouth. Nate will be in left field next year. Garret will not. Thank the gods.
You can see the rest of 'em here.

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