Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 OPC math...

I know you've been in a panic to know how the collation went in the two boxes of OPC baseball I just broke. I hope that you got a little sleep at least.
No Marie, I have not yet mailed the black border Pujolies. Settle down.
If you're late, and haven't seen the breaks, scroll down. I'll wait.

Okay, here we go. I'm sure you're all familiar with the cards and subsets, so no pics for now. Just the facts ma'am. These are numbers for the two boxes combined. No calculators were harmed in the computation of these statistics.

Base Cards - 249 - no doubles. SWEEEEET!
Black border inserts - 72 - no doubles
'79/80 retro - 2 - no doubles
New York New York - 2 - no doubles
Walk Off - 2 - no doubles
Midsummer Memories - 3 - no doubles
Highlights and Milestones - 3 - no doubles
Award Winner - 3 - no doubles
20th Anniversary BS Waste of Space - 12 - no doubles
All Rookie Team - 1
Mini Black Border - 2 - no doubles
Autographs - 1
Faces of the Franchise - 6 - no doubles - however, the collation was a little weird. Box One had #'s 16 / 17/ 18 and Box two had #'s 24 / 25 / 26 That could lead to odd duplication if busting multiple boxes

Double Prints. You've heard my arguement over these NOT being SP's.... here we go.
I got 72 of these, one per pack. 28 DOUBLES!!!! Short print my ass.

Let the trading begin.

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

No SPs!?! No......That card companies would do something like that...Next you'll post that there is no Easter Bunny.