Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a Pirate Treasure

before I dive in to the latest loot, I'd like to thank whomever is responsible for the weather today. It's a beautiful 20 degrees outside. The last two weeks we've been inundated by 29-33 degree weather. Plants are dying. The grass is but a memory. That leafy green 14 foot tree I planted in the front yard 3 weeks ago is now a dried up stick. There's only so much watering you can do after the sun goes down at 9:30 at night.... That's why I haven't been posting over the last three days. Way to hot upstairs to be running the computer. But that is over with. I hope.

David @ IndiansBaseballCards is up to his usual again. Giving away stacks of unwanted cards. No Braves to be had, (unwanted Braves cards?! unlikely) so I pounced on the Pirates. If you ask Why the Pirates, you don't know me to well.... (hello...Adam LaRoche?)
Well, there was no Adam sightings, but quite a few other ex Braves made an appearance or two. (or three)
our old buddy Zane Smith.... Zane was one of those guys that could've been really good had he ever pitched for a good team.
100-115 over 13 seasons for Atlanta, Montreal, and Pittsburgh. Oh, and one year with Boston.

a 3.74 ERA, and a 1.30 whip for his career. Not bad Mr. Smith.
another ex Brave, P Jason Schmidt
we sent Scmidt to the Bucs for Denny Neagle. A great move at the time.
1988 Score Rafael Belliard!
take a close look. Raffy has taken a beating, but is still in the game. This is one of theose bicycle spoke cards I think.
Next up we have 1B Randal Simon. Randal was good friends with John Rocker if you rememebr that confrontation. We released Randal very soon after that.
(Iswear it was supposed to be Simon, I have no idea why a scan of Francisco Cordova came up.)
moving on.....
we have a puzzle piece of Willie Stargell's feet. That is all.
and we end up with not a former Brave, but a card that just doesn't look right.
Kirk played a whopping 16 games for Pittsburgh in 1992. Then back to Detroit.
These, along with a whack of others, arrived yesterday. Thanks Dave!


beardy said...

Seeing Kirk Gibson in a Pirates uni is about as confusing a measuring temperature in degrees Celcius.

For a second I thought it was really, really cold.

You freakin' Canadians... you're part of America you know, North America! Please get with the program.

Captain Canuck said...

Hmmm... every country in the World but one, uses Celcius.
Who's not with the program now?

night owl said...

You may visit me in the Northeast U.S. We have all the rain you could possibly want.

beardy said...


--David said...

You are welcome!! Glad I could hook you up with some ex-Braves, anyway. :-)