Sunday, July 5, 2009

catching up.... and a warning....

with my scanner on a work stoppage, I've fallen behind on a few mail days. My apologies. I'll try to catch up on the first few here.

first up, my good pal John in the UK sent over some more wonderful stickers. He sent some random Braves as well, but it's the stickers that I'm truly after. As soon as I'm done typing, I'll be ripping and putting these in my album.
if anyone has doubles of these, hook a brother up. There's nothing worse than a half empty sticker book.
next we have a selection from Paul from Crawford Cards. It started out simple enough. He had a few '03 Heritage cards I needed. Then it grew to an exchange of '76 Topps as well. Paul also enclosed a surprise Pete Smith auto.
I'm a lot closer to completing these two sets. Thanks Paul. I know you already received the first part, the second part should be there soon...
now we're onto my Canadian friend David. Or tunguska as some may know him from a Long Fly Ball to Because. David first sent over this Brian McCann auto, which apperntly arrived sooner than it should have, followed by this box of much needed '09 OPC hockey. Trying to complete a 600 card set plus shiny inserts is a very daunting task. It's great to have friends who can help.
It all started back in mid April. I bought a blaster of these and busted them here for all to see. I decided to not collect them, and offered them up to anyone who needed them. David spoke up, and I ended up sending him 15 or 20 cards. Like an idiot, I decided to collect the set about a week later. Well, he returned the favour, and then some.
Lastly we have two packages from Greg at Lake Effect Baseball Cards. Greg hit my wantlists with a passion. He finished off my '91 Score set, my '08 Opening Day set, along with some needed '09 Heritage, '76 Topps, and a random assortment of rather interesting Braves.
Please cast your eyes to the back row.
need a closer look?
Those are Braves baseball card Xmas ornaments. You know damn well they're going on my tree. Greg, you need to know my wife is not amused. Things were said. Promises were made. But you shouldn't worry too much Greg... I mean, she does know your address, but you're fairly far away. And you do have a head start.
Greg has decided to take "an indefinite hiatus" from blogging. Coincidence? I think not. He knows. He knows.
Good luck Greg.


jackplumstead said...

More stickers on the way and if you e-mail your wants list I'm sure I can try to fill some of them. As for the Christmas Ornaments-Nightowl sent me some of those this week. I think they are awesome but there was a similar reaction in our house, as in 'you think those are going on our tree?..'

Anonymous said...

Hah! Those stickers are pretty cool.

stusigpi said...

Hopefully your many boxes will arrive sometime this week.

night owl said...

Why on earth is there a Yankee card in the middle of all those Braves that were sent?

Maybe you're collecting the '08 Opening Day set? Although that would make me concerned, too.

Captain Canuck said...

yeah Night Owl, chubby little Melky was the last card I needed for that set. I didn't want the regular set, and I got a box for $15.... a moment of weakness.