Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Irony - Box One

I've learned to appreciate the irony that a Canadian is the last one to see the new 2009 OPC baseball in person. You've seen the cards, so I'll make the break brief and to the point.

Oh momma. I've been waiting for you....
The base cards....
one of the many insert sets, the All Rookie Team. I really like the looks of these cards...
the retro card (one per box) done in the '79/80 OPC hockey style)
the black border inserts, one per pack, and the mini black, one per box.
Base Cards - 125 - no doubles
Black Border - 36 - no doubles
Double prints - 36 - no doubles (if anyone calls these SP's, I will personally beat you with an abacus. )
Faces of the Franchise - 3 (Bruce / Tulowitzki / Gordon)
Gold Glove Award - 2 (Sizemore / Suzuki)
Walk Off - 1 (Lowrie)
Midsummer Memories - 1 (Teixeira)
Highlights and Milestones - 1 (Shoppach)
All Rookie Team - 1 (Fukudome)
'79/80 Retro - 1 (Griffey Jr)
New York New York - 1 (Jeter)
20th Anniversary waste of space - 6 (who cares)
Mini Black Border - 1 (Kelly Johnson ... YEAH BRAVES!)
Triple Jersey - 0
Autographs - 0
Awesome collation... way too many inserts to chase. It was nice to get a mini of a guy I collect. I will definately go after this set with guns blazing. I may even go after a master set. (except for the black borders.... too redundant.)
And I'm not sure if anyone has talked about the Hi# cards yet. Cards 501 to 600. They are, according to Upper Deck, short prints. Found only one per pack. Excuse me? Short prints?
Let's take a look. Sp's are a 100 card set, found at one per pack. Regular base cards are a 500 card set and found at a rate of 3.47 per pack. (125/36=3.47...)
So the chances of me finding a Jordan Schafer rookie (#597) are 1:100 or 1%. The chance of me finding a Jo-Jo Reyes base card (#308) is 3.47:500 or 0.69%.
It's the base cards that are short printed...
Box two results coming up tonight...


gcrl said...

here's hoping your second box isn't the same as your first like mine was. let me know when you have a need list together - maybe we can help each other out!

Carl Crawford Cards said...

The math on the double prints is interesting, I'd never seen it laid out like that.

Good luck with the sett!

MarieBay said...

There's my Albert. I have a nice little spot set for you in my binder.

word ver: basteres

Twitch said...