Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a Barrel of trades

In my never ending quest of OPC baseball cards, I found that Ed from Roll Out the Barrel had a few that he didn't want. I patiently waited my turn in the trade queue, and pounced on what was left.
Now this is the part where I would normally show off my hard fought prize. But I was so excited, I've already put them in my binder.
Never fear, Ed anticipated my absentmindedness, and sent along a few Braves as well. These I will share. (well, some of them, he sent about 50 of 'em...)

an '07 of Matt Diaz. Cool, I hardly have any of his cards. Why Bobby won't let him play in LF and just cut The Human Pylon, I'll never know.
a Yunel card that I don't have! Sweeet!
Teamwork! I don't give a damn that MLB changed their minds. A no-hitter is a no-hitter dammit! You can't just go chnging criteria after the fact.
a couple of old friends. I'm so glad Andruw took less money and signed with Texas to work with that hitting coach to get his swing back. Congrats on the comeback bud. (Jim, Greg, put the knives down....)
Ryan! Great smile, and an even better swing.
Finally, we have Lemmer.
Thanks Ed!

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night owl said...

I will overlook the compliment to Andruw "find me a strip club and a donut" Jones only because of the "Human Pylon" remark.

That's great.