Thursday, July 16, 2009

O-Pee-Chee Goodness

Thanks to five trades with fellow bloggers... I am a heckuva lot closer to the end of the 2009 OPC baseball set than I used to be. It's not just the base, or the DP's... oh no... it's the inserts as well. Yep. Going after a mini master set, I am.
I'll be posting my wantlist here, in a few minutes, but first hear my plea.

I need help tracking down these inserts. Especially the retro blue bordered ones. If you have any OPC baseball, and are not collecting the set, please check out my list and help me out if you can.

To Marie(a cardboard problem), Jim (gcrl), David (Long Fly Ball to Because), Jeremy(the Hockey card Blog) ... your cards are in the mail. And I thank you.
To Ed from Roll out the Barrel, yours will be leaving soon.(I hope)

What are waiting for? Go here.....

1 comment:

steveisjewish said...

hey - ive got 22 and 292 for you -

Shoot me a line w/ your address stephenbrown1980 at

and they are yours!