Friday, July 24, 2009

I got bored...

so I decided to bust open the box of 2008 Timelines I had sitting on my shelf. I knew nothing of this set before opening it. The box promised two autos. Cool. Most of you are familiar with the product I'm sure, so let's go through the subsets and maybe you can help out with questions I have...

303 Evan Longoria. Kinda cool looking subset. I thought they had one for each team, but it looks like more of a highlight set.
339 Joey Votto
It's looking like a retrospective of Upper Deck sets from the past. Alright. But I'm not to fond of this set though.
333 Clayton Kershaw
I've never liked this set. Never. Nothing good to say about it.
192 Jay Bruce Silver Prospects. Die cut... but why?
379 Clayton Kershaw Gold Prospects and shiny. Again, die cut. Meh.

103 Chad Billingsly
Now this is more like it. I like the dimensional effect of the picture over the white background.

133 Greg Maddux
I'm not thrilled with the balck and white, but it's Mad Dog... what ya gonna do?
176 Clay Buchholz
another black and white, but with a gold emblem stuck on it. Another parallel?

These are the best cards in the set IMO.
7 Smoltzie (the only Brave in the damn box)
20 Pujolies
34 Nick Markakialphabetgreekuzofettakis
I love the colours on these cards. Team oriented, cool design, and the backs have a different picture on them. If you're going to put a picture on the back, it better be different than the one on the front. Am I right?
I got a few of these too... a gold parallel again???
I also pulled my very first YSLBSwasteofspace cards. My first ones. Ever. Hopefully my last ones. Ever.
Now, onto the two autos.

Cha Seung Baek Gold auto
and David Murphy
a lot of wasted space on that card.
Overall I give the box an A. I love the cards, and the checklist looks good. The only player out of all the prospects and rookies I pulled that I did not know right away, was my auto of Cha Seung Baek. Figures.
I thought about trading with others to try and complete this sucker, but I did not receive any duplicates out of the box. I think that's the firstUpper Deck product I've ever seen that had no duplicates.
My big pet peeve? Other than the obvious SP's.... people like me bust boxes for the fun of it. I could buy this set on the bay for probably $8.... but I bust wax because of the fun, the chase. Putting together the set. So when you advertise two autos per box, don't give them to me in the very two first packs of the box. Mix things up a little...


Matt F. said...

Yeah, I've been fiddling around with this set for a collect the set or not, that is the question?...This set has that Stephen Strasburg auto floating around in it so I'm surprised that the boxes have stayed pretty cheap at about $30 a box.

Covered in Wrappers said...

I will gladly take those YSL cards off your hands. I have something you will want anyway when you see my blog. And no, not what you are thinking.

dayf said...

I'll trade you three Braves cards for every Timelines card you knock off my want list PLUS send you any 08 Timelines you need out of my doubles box to boot. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Motherscratcher said...

Dale Murphy Auto!!! Sweet!!!



I think this might not be a bad set to try to put together. The cards are worthless but you're not going to find many products that are only $32 a box.

night owl said...

You ... you ... you ... have a box of Timelines just sitting there unopened and you just let it sit there and be UNOPENED????

What is wrong with people? How is that even possible?

Very much want the Kershaw gold die-cut card and the Billingsley card.

FanOfReds said...

If you happened to pull any cards I need from this set, I'd gladly trade you two or three short prints (or more) for each one... I'm getting close to having the whole set, but the short prints are a royal pain after awhile!

gcrl said...

i will add my .02 in that i have a want list for the 2004 timeless teams subset. i may or may not be able to esceed any of the other offers you have received so far.

gcrl said...

exceed. i am sure i can esceed.

dayf said...

These jokers may talk the talk but I walk the walk. I raise 1 Chipper for every short print #314-385 you take off my want list and one of the big three -Maddux Glavine-Smoltz for every 2004 subset you send.

Think it over my friend...

AceWild said...

Ill get that Cha Seung Baek card
heres my cards tell me what you like