Monday, May 11, 2009

Contest Update...

it's time to update the playoff contest here on Waxaholic.(gratuitous sponser shot)
If you picked any 2nd round sweeps, or early exits, you may not be doing so well. If you chose long, close series', you may be doing better than you thought you would.

Each series is in a 3 games to 2 status.

Carolina over Boston 3-2
Pittsburgh over Washington 3-2
Chicago over Vancouver 3-2
Detroit over Anaheim 3-2

The two main stories in this years' playoff are;
Alex Ovechkin... can he carry the team on to the 3rd round?
And the horrible, unfortunate, officiating. What can be best described as an embarrassment to the NHL, officials are deciding the outcomes of games, not teams.
Carolina had a goal disallowed, that then went to replay, where multiple angles clearly showed the puck across the goal line. The result? No goal. (it should be noted that all video replay in the NHL is done by head office in Toronto, not the referee at the game.)
Detroit had a goal allowed even though they had a player in the crease interfering with Duck's goalie Jonas Hiller. (Detroit still would have won, but you never know)
And the latest, two horrible calls in overtime, both in Pittsburgh's favour, allowed the Pens to score and take Game 5 in overtime.

I hope you're enjoying some of this great playoff hockey wherever you are. I just wish my team was still in it.

Game 6 for Chicago/Vancouver and Washington/Pittsburgh is tonight.

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