Friday, May 1, 2009

this months MVP is....

it's May 1st, which means it's time to select the Atlanta Braves MVP for April. I feel honoured to be selected to choose the winner of this monthly award. The winner will receive my undying devotion and, in this months case, a promise to go out and actually find some of his cards.

This months winner is none other than catcher David Ross.
David really saved the Braves' bacon when Brian McCann went on the shelf. 2HR 6RBI .321AVG .457OBP .653OPS while gunning down 3 of 6 attempted steals. I was critical of the Braves for signing David to a two year deal in the Spring. Not because of the player, but because I was tired of the Braves continuing to not give their young home grown players a chance and insisting on using veteran free agents. (that usually never pan out)
In this case, they were right. David has proven his worth.
Congrats on the MVP David! All David has to do is to supply me with his home address, and a certificate of achievment will be on the way.

This months runner up is Jair Jurrjens.

Jair is 2-2 with 1.72ERA. His record is misleading. Both games he lost, were 1-0 affairs. Will someone score the man some runs please? He should be 5-0, not Grienke.

Honourable mention goes to Martin Prado.
As a side note, 2B Kelly Johnson was a runaway lock for this award until a week ago. Then he forgot how to hit. Kelly is in the midst of an 0-1,000,000,000,000 streak. Here's hoping Kelly bounces back, and soon...

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Ben said...

JJ should have also won a few more games than he did last year for the very same reason. Run support. He pitched pretty well all season and lost a few of those one run road games the Braves were so good at getting theselves into.