Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baseball Card Movie

This was posted on CNNSI's website today. They called it "an interesting, and sad, look at what the baseball card industry is today"

I liked it just because of the hilariously funny accents.


night owl said...


Not much new there. I guess it's for people who think kids still buy cards at the corner store.

I hate it when people say they hate the 1971 set because the corners chip so easily, like it's not worth collecting because of that.

And the woman who opened the pack and said she'd keep the refractors and numbered cards and chuck the rest? She needs to have all her cards taken away from her.

Also, way too much talk about the Yankees on that thing.

grant said...

Well I'Ve helped plenty of kids and thier perents at the retail stores in regards to products or their parents by saying NOOOOOOOOOOO ( in slow motion) don't touch that spectrum and documentary box! don;t do it kid it's not worth it. here grab a masterpiece or a chrome and move on.

grant said...

LMAO at the guy pimping his Yellow High end price tags he seem extremly happy about doing that! and he wonders why there's no kids in his shop # 1 he's scary J/K # 2 why not push the topss series one's or UD a little for the kids there's still some good cards in there Variations anyone? not to mention heritage! I think there were 4 diferent accents in that video. Grant

grant said...

Yeah she should be barred from collecting and the yankees talk made me end the Video early.

Scotty Hockey said...

lol @ you guys saying they have funny accents. It is all what you get used to. And all the Yankees talk comes from the fact that the Dugout is in Brooklyn, what do you expect? Where you dig the Braves, these folks LIVE the bombers. Its as much a religion there as hockey is by you.