Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look at what I got....

The results from Joe Collectors latest case break are in. Jeff always does a great job with these case breaks, and my loot got here super quick.
The latest offerings is the brand new(at the time) 2009 Topps Finest.
First, the base cards.... they're shiny, although they don't scan that well....

Upton, Volquez, and Uptons' twin brother.
Pence, Dempster, and Berkman
Longoria, Dye, and Kazmir
Beltran, Sheffield, and Figgins
A-Rod, Beckett, and Captain Cheeseburger
and yes, those three were put together on purpose.
Chris Young Red Refractor 06/25
now these are nice looking cards.
and now, the best card out of the bunch....
Awwww yeah! B-Mac!
Also included in the package were two other cards...
a completely random Black bordered Joe Mauer jersey
and... oh look. An auto of Tyler Flowers......
Jeff must have a sense of humour.
Thanks Jeff! And if anyone wants to get inon the fun, head over to Joe Collector for his latest casebreak ... a dual 2007 Sweet Spot baseball and football break.
EDIT: oh yeah, any of these cards are available for trade.... except for McCann of course. And maybe Flowers. Just for the masochist in me.


Covered in Wrappers said...

I may be interested in A-Roid and Longoria, depending on the asking value.... ahem.

stusigpi said...

I thought you might find that Flowers card "amusing" I remember when I pulled that and how pissed you were when you were talking about the Braves having traded him.

I figured the mauer might give you some trade bait.

gcrl said...

i have a 08 a&g mccann jersey that i'd give up for that mauer.