Saturday, May 23, 2009

what I deal with daily...

"Hi hon, who's playing tonight?" she says
"Toronto at the Braves" I reply
"oooh cool. that doesn't happen often. Who's pitching?" she asks
"Halladay and Kawakami" I say
"ew. the best pitcher in baseball against your #5? this isn't going to go well. you sure you want to watch it?" she smirks...
"Be Gone Woman! We don't need any of your smack here. Go fix me a sandwich!" I bellow.

(okay, I didn't say the sandwich part. My eyes would still be swolen shut, and I wanted to watch the game)
Final lines

Kenshin Kawakami 8 IP 3H 0Runs 0BB 8K Win
Roy Halladay 7IP 5H 0Runs 1BB 6K No decision



Drew said...

funny post! i'm rooting for the braves with you against the Jays. Us Yankees could use it!

Doubleplay said...

Those damn birds better get their act together, four games losing streaks aren't fun to watch

Motherscratcher said...

What you ask for instead of a sandwich? I would have asked for those little mini hot dogs wrapped up in crescent roll dough.

And, how come whenever someone signs a pitcher from the Pacific rim they get someone good. But, when the Indians do it, they either stink and have to be released with $3 mil owed to them, or they have made gay porn movies?

dayf said...

Make that a five game losing streak! woohoo!