Friday, May 15, 2009

Up to the minute point totals!

Some interesting things pop out as I tabulate the point totals for the Great Waxaholic Playoff Hockey Contest.
#1, there are no Anaheim Duck or Carolina Hurricane fans out there. No one chose them on any of the ballots.
#2 a lot more people than I thought know about hockey. Or they are really good guessers.

On with the standings to this point. Still a long way to go, and there will be a lot of movement, so if you find yourself lower down, don't get discouraged. Except you Night Owl. You're done. Thanks for playing. Maybe I'll come up with a parting gift. No final Jeopardy for you.

#1 thehamiltonian 19pts (thank god a Canadian is leading this thing)
#2 dayf 17 pts
Zman 17 pts
madding 17 pts
#5 MattR 15 pts
Greg 15 pts ( I guess it's good being the office secretary)
#7 ShaneDiaz 13 pts
#8 kevincrumbs 12 pts
#9 Tunguska 11 pts
Roofgod 11 pts
#11 theghostofcorysnyder 8 pts
#12 Night Owl 6 pts

Good luck to all in the remaining two rounds!


night owl said...

Yeah, I knew I was done. I'll be rooting against Crosby for the rest of the playoffs.

Greg said...

So who do I need to be rooting for to win this thing? I'm too lazy to do the research. Thanks for adding up the points.