Thursday, May 28, 2009

Say it ain't so....

still reeling from my shameful post earlier... I seek solice in the familiar. And what do I find?

Archie is getting married. WHAT?!?!?!!!!!?!
Yep. Tying the knot. Hell, I didn't even know he had graduated high school yet.
So boys... who will it be?


Sooz said...

I hope it turns out that ARchie is gay and wants to be with Jughead. But since his name is Jughead, he likes girls.

So Archie will never, EVER, be happy.

MattR said...

It'll be both.

dayf said...

Archie marries Veronica for her money, embezzles as much out of her bank account as possible while cheating with Betty, then when he has enough cash to live comfortably on for the rest of his life he vanishes into the jungles of Belize with his soulmate, Moose.

Ryan Cracknell said...

I do believe ABC News called Veronica the winner. Archie's still the loser though.

I wish Archie'd marry my word verification thingy: edna lysh