Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today's mail brought two small yellow envelopes. In the first one, Matt from Project Baseball 1976 sent over four 1976 Topps beauties to complete our trade.

I love finding other collectors who are trying to collect the same tough set as you are. It makes trading that much more fun. I send you four, you send me four. Perfect. Although Matt is a lot closer to completion than I am.
The next little goodie I received finished off a set for me. Todd (also known as darkship) sent over the last two SP's I needed to polish off '08 A&G.

I've heard that this old bird was a tough one to find. But now my binder is full. (except for some no # Fukudome card I've heard all the cool kids talking about, but that's not worrying me)
Thanks guys!

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igotbojackson said...

Allen & Ginter is so beautiful. If the MLB Gods ever rained terror on the card manufacturers and told them only one set can be produced from now on, it without a doubt SHOULD be A&G.