Friday, May 1, 2009

the latest installment of "What Am I?"

Today's mystery card is actually a set. A large set. Here's the Dale Murphy from it for visual reference. ( a thanks to Bob Wickman for stopping by to help demonstrate scale)
This is a Barry Colla set from around 1989... but according to my handy dandy 2009 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards (all 1850 pages)... the only Barry Colla collection from those years are postcard sets. The Murph you see here is 8"x10".
The ones I have are as follows (I'm not sure if I have the whole set..)
Cal Ripken Jr
Rickey Henderson
Don Mattingly
Darryl Strawberry
Dave Winfield
Orel Hershiser
Mike Greenwell
Ozzie Smith
Roger Clemens
Mark McGwire
Gregg Jefferies
Darryl Strawberry #2
Will Clark
Dale Murphy
Tony Gwynn
Jose Canseco
Dwight Gooden
Mike Schmidt
Andre Dawson
Kirby Puckett
Don Mattingly #2
Jose Canseco #2
Mike Greenwell #2
Wade Boggs
Don Mattingly #3
Wally Joyner
George Brett

Any ideas?

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MDA said...

Question on the 2009 edition of the SCofBC...

The CD that came with it, is it just the catalog in pdf format? Searchable?