Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My 2009 Goudey Experience....

As documented here, a long time ago... I was not, and am not, impressed with the new Goudey product.
However, as an obsessive compulsive set builder, I need to get the Braves team set.
(don't judge me...)
if Chipper were to remove those sunglasses, all men would cower and the women would faint)

can someone explain to me how in the hell is this card of James Parr a rookie card?

Frenchy and B Mac are the only ones even remotely human looking. I'm thinking the facial hair might have something to do with it.
There you have it. Seven Braves for $1.70 with free shipping. I'm not sure what a pack of these things cost... maybe around $3.50? For less than half that, I get all the cards I wanted. Now I'm sure some smart alec will leave a comment telling me I'm missing one of those 4 in 1 thingies.... well good for you. I'll just have to trade with someone eventually.
Most of you probably read Night Owl.... he likes to name sets. The flag set, the dot matrix set, etc.... might I suggest that when it comes time to name this one, we might go with "The Hollywood set". It looks like everyone in this set went to a really bad plastic surgeon for a lift and botox. Think Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller and Ray Liotta.... horrible.


night owl said...

Either that or the "freaky ghost people set"

But I'll be collecting the Dodgers.

Ben said...

Parr is still considered a rookie because he only pitched a little over 22 innings last season.

I had to check that myself when his '09 Topps card had the rookie logo on it. I must have seen him pitch all 22 of those innings because it seems like I saw a lot of him last season, and I remember hearing his name several years before that.

So it may not be a Rookie Card in the truest sense, but it is a card of a rookie.

grant said...

I'll help you on the goudey for your team let me know what you have I'll get them ready for the next package I send out to you. Grant old school pack buster

Found in my Goudey box C. Jones J. Parr Tom Glavine!,Brian McCann, Francoeur and a Phil Neikro! SP # 210 I think it's an SP. out of a whole box of SP Auth. 3 of my Mariners and two Braves an Auth acheivement Smoltz an base Francouer I'll hold onto these till I dig up a few more to make it worth the postage. Like I said no worries on what you send back K. Grant old school pack buster. If you could just give me some tips on my new blog( I think I should rename it old scool pack buster I meant I'm from the 80's but I'm busting new products that does'nt make any sense but sometimes I don't make sense at all : ) maybe help me along since Iv'e been out of collecting so long. But a few nice M's blazers or others I mentioned woul'nd hurt my feelings LOL Grant

grant said...

Package sent A few really good cards some some SP's and an old school brave And one heck of a nice Turkey red refractor of one of the best Braves in my opinion ever even some. Next will be going through my 70's 80's collection and like I sid I don;t expect $ for $ return just send whatever ou thinks fair or don't send anythin! it's up to you seriously I gotmore excited about finding some of the cards I did today moew then anything and got them out today that fast! I can't wait till you get them ( damn customs )J/K unless you think they suck but I doubt it! LOL. hope you enjoy it. Grant Pimpin my blog! old school pack buster

grant said...

I just noticed on the pics that I thought was just a preview that you have those cards that's OK then you have double but you also got SP'S of some! : ) Grant