Sunday, May 17, 2009

a little late...

Obviously stressed about missing my birthday, my friend Sooz sent me a Happy Earth Day
package in, of course, a recycled bubble envelope.

Enclosed was a lovely hand-written note. I'll never forget what it says. "Happy Earth Day! P.S. Braves still suck."

Warms the cockles of my heart.

Not to be too friendly, Sooz starts us off with John Smoltz. Still a bit of a sore spot. It might get worse if he ever takes the mound in that "other" uniform.
I love this set, but I've never been able to find packs or a box of it anywhere. Here's the rare red version.
Here we have John pitching for Star Trek:The Next Generation.
A few cards of Jeffery

Kelly Johnson

A lone card of Andruw. (don't look now, but he's lighting it up in Texas. So much so, Texas is shopping a couple of outfielders according to MLBTraderumors)
I like the white better than the black meself.

Hey! A 2009 Topps Finest Yunel Escobar. I'm one card closer to my team set. (I have two, Yunel and B-Mac)
and of course, no package between Sooz and I would be complete without a little Chipper love.

One of the best cards... two out of the three greatest 3rd baseman on one card!
I just noticed this, but out of the 40-50 cards Sooz sent, all but three of them were ultra shiny or glittery. Must be a girl thing.
Thanks Sooz! Truly awesome.


grant said...

UH OH ohhh SH** Captain! One of my hits I sent was as you said "a sore spot"! See I can't do anything right lately coming back into this hobby you can officially ban me of you want for sending you a sweet swatch of Smoltz I'll understand! Grant old school pack buster again Sorry I did'nt know just don't send it back wth anthrax or anything I got kids! LOL

The Mojo Hand said...

The Smoltz Ninety Nine Evolution cards are hot! Im sure there is A guy walking around with A tatoo from one of the background designs from that set.